Title Religion PDF eBook
Author Margreet de Heer
Publisher Discovery in Comics
Pages 0
Release 2015
Genre Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN 9781561639946

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The author of the bestselling Discovery in Comics series, including on Science and Philosophy, tackles a very sensitive subject. Dealing with religion often means walking on eggshells - that is what comic artist Margreet de Heer finds out when creating this book! She presents the five major world religions and modern spirituality in a colourful, personal, yet serious manner. She explores religious history and practices with tact and an open mind, but can't prevent a few eggs from breaking. This book in comics is fun and informative for both believers and non-believers.

Graven Images
Title Graven Images PDF eBook
Author A. David Lewis
Publisher A&C Black
Pages 380
Release 2010-10-21
Genre Social Science
ISBN 0826430260

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Comic books have increasingly become a vehicle for serious social commentary and, specifically, for innovative religious thought. Practitioners of both traditional religions and new religious movements have begun to employ comics as a missionary tool, while humanists and religious progressives use comics' unique fusion of text and image to criticize traditional theologies and to offer alternatives. Addressing the increasing fervor with which the public has come to view comics as an art form and Americans' fraught but passionate relationship with religion, Graven Images explores with real insight the roles of religion in comic books and graphic novels. In essays by scholars and comics creators, Graven Images observes the frequency with which religious material—in devout, educational, satirical, or critical contexts—occurs in both independent and mainstream comics. Contributors identify the unique advantages of the comics medium for religious messages; analyze how comics communicate such messages; place the religious messages contained in comic books in appropriate cultural, social, and historical frameworks; and articulate the significance of the innovative theologies being developed in comics.

Comics and Sacred Texts
Title Comics and Sacred Texts PDF eBook
Author Assaf Gamzou
Release 2018
Genre Comic books, strips, etc
ISBN 9781496819239

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"Comics and Sacred Texts explores how comics and notions of the sacred interweave new modes of seeing and understanding the sacral. Comics and graphic narratives help readers see religion in the everyday and in depictions of God, in transfigured, heroic selves as much as in the lives of saints and the meters of holy languages. Coeditors Ken Koltun-Fromm and Assaf Gamzou reveal the graphic character of sacred narratives, imagining new vistas for both comics and religious texts. In both visual and linguistic forms, graphic narratives reveal representational strategies to encounter the sacred in all its ambivalence. Through close readings and critical inquiry, these essays contemplate the intersections between religion and comics in ways that critically expand our ability to think about religious landscapes, rhetorical practices, pictorial representation, and the everyday experiences of the uncanny. Organized into four sections--Seeing the Sacred in Comics; Reimagining Sacred Texts through Comics; Transfigured Comic Selves, Monsters, and the Body; and The Everyday Sacred in Comics--the essays explore comics and graphic novels ranging from Craig Thompson's Habibi and Marvel's X-Men and Captain America to graphic adaptions of religious texts such as 1 Samuel and the Gospel of Mark. Sacred Texts and Comics shows how claims to the sacred are nourished and concealed in comic narratives. Covering many religions, not only Christianity and Judaism, this rare volume contests the profane/sacred divide and establishes the import of comics and graphic narratives in disclosing the presence of the sacred in everyday human experience." -- Provided by publisher.

Holy Superheroes!
Title Holy Superheroes! PDF eBook
Author Greg Garrett
Publisher Westminster John Knox Press
Pages 158
Release 2008-01-01
Genre Religion
ISBN 0664236596

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Pulitzer-prize nominee and English professor Garrett explores the deeper side of comic books--and the motion pictures they inspire--for the lessons they can teach readers about faith, justice, and redemption.

Title Religion PDF eBook
Author Margreet de Heer
Publisher NBM
Pages 122
Release 2015-10-01
Genre Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN 1561639966

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A humorous yet substantive introduction to the world's religions and their concepts Explaining the five major religions and modern spirituality in clear, colorful chapters, this illustrated primer is a great way to introduce a complex topic. In her easily accessible style, Margreet de Heer explores religious history and practices in an unbiased way and with a dash of humor, and makes it approachable for those with little knowledge of the subject. It offers a fresh look from different perspectives on the phenomenon of religion; the backgrounds and history of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism; and makes the point that religion is something that should unite us, not drive us apart.

Title Philosophy PDF eBook
Author Margreet de Heer
Publisher NBM Publishing
Pages 120
Release 2012-09-01
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 1561637084

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This illustrated primer on philosophy is a great way to be introduced to a complex topic. In her easily accessible style, Margreet de Heer visualizes the history of Western philosophy and makes it approachable for those with little knowledge of the subject. The book explains the thoughts of philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Spinoza, and Nietzsche, and ponders questions such as What is thinking? What is reality? Is there free will? and Why are these ideas still important? A perfect introduction to exploring philosophical concepts, this humorous yet substantive graphic account strips the subject of unnecessary complexity.

Young Adult Nonfiction
Title Young Adult Nonfiction PDF eBook
Author Elizabeth Fraser
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 257
Release 2020-03-02
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 1440869804

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Covering more than 500 titles, both classics and newer publications, this book describes what titles are about and why teens would want to read them. Nonfiction has been the workhorse of many young adult library collections—filling information and curricular needs—and it is also the preferred genre for many teen readers. But not all nonfiction is created equal. This guide identifies some of the best, most engaging, and authoritative nonfiction reads for teens and organizes them according to popular reading interests. With genres ranging from adventure and sports to memoirs, how-to guides and social justice, there is something for every reader here. Similar fiction titles are noted to help you make connections for readers, and "best bets" for each chapter are noted. Notations in annotations indicate award-winning titles, graphic nonfiction, and reading level. Keywords that appear in the annotations and in detailed indexes enhance access. Librarians who work with and purchase materials for teens, including YA librarians at public libraries, acquisitions and book/materials selectors at public libraries, and middle and high school librarians will find this book invaluable.