Sacco and Vanzetti
Title Sacco and Vanzetti PDF eBook
Author Paul Avrich
Publisher Princeton University Press
Pages 275
Release 2020-07-21
Genre History
ISBN 0691216207

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The Sacco-Vanzetti affair is the most famous and controversial case in American legal history. It divided the nation in the 1920s, and it has continued to arouse deep emotions, giving rise to an enormous literature. Few writers, however, have consulted anarchist sources for the wealth of information available there about the movement of which the defendants were a part. Now Paul Avrich, the preeminent American scholar of anarchism, looks at the case from this new and valuable perspective. This book treats a dramatic and hitherto neglected aspect of the cause célèbre that raised, according to Edmund Wilson, "almost every fundamental question of our political and social system."

Sacco & Vanzetti
Title Sacco & Vanzetti PDF eBook
Author John Davis
Publisher Ocean Press
Pages 134
Release 2004
Genre Anarchism
ISBN 9781876175856

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Political activists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were framed and executed for murder in a wave of anti-immigrant hysteria in Boston in the 1920s. Their story is a salutary one, illustrating the way in which anarchists and immigrants were painted as terrorists - a grim reminder of the consequences of using fear as a political weapon. Eventually pardoned in 1977 by Governor Dukakis, Sacco and Vanzetti's case sparked an unprecedented international defence campaign backed by writers, artists, politicians and musicians. It remains one of the most famous political trials in history.

Anarchy Will Be!
Title Anarchy Will Be! PDF eBook
Author Luigi Galleani
Pages 0
Release 2007-02
ISBN 9781904859390

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"Luigi Galleani . . . [was] without doubt the most important figure in the Italian anarchist movement in America."-Paul Avrich, author of Sacco and Vanzetti: The Anarchist Background, Anarchist Voices, and The Russian Anarchists Luigi Galleani was the most vocal and militant voice among the Italian anarchist communities at the dawn of the twentieth century. Comprised of newly translated texts from his paper Cronaca Sovversiva (1903-"1918), this volume offers a new window into the movement that spawned the cherished anarchist idealism of Sacco and Vanzetti, which fought wage slavery and violently defended the rights of immigrants during the government's criminal Palmer Raids.

Facing toward the Dawn
Title Facing toward the Dawn PDF eBook
Author Richard Lenzi
Publisher SUNY Press
Pages 336
Release 2019-01-01
Genre History
ISBN 1438472714

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Examines the history of the Italian anarchist movement in New London, Connecticut. In the early twentieth century, the Italian American radical movement thrived in industrial cities throughout the United States, including New London, Connecticut. Facing toward the Dawn tells the history of the vibrant anarchist movement that existed in New London’s Fort Trumbull neighborhood for seventy years. Comprised of immigrants from the Marche region of Italy, especially the city of Fano, the Fort Trumbull anarchists fostered a solidarity subculture based on mutual aid and challenged the reigning forces of capitalism, the state, and organized religion. They began as a circle within the ideological camp of Errico Malatesta and evolved into one of the core groupings within the wing of the movement supporting Luigi Galleani. Their manifold activities ranged from disseminating propaganda to participating in the labor movement; they fought fascists in the streets, held countless social events such as festas, theatrical performances, picnics and dances, and hosted militant speakers, including Emma Goldman. Focusing on rank-and-file militants—carpenters, stonemasons, fishermen, housewives—rather than well-known figures, Richard Lenzi offers a microhistory of an ethnic radical group during the heyday of labor radicalism in the United States. He also places that history in the context of the larger radical movement, the Italian American community, and greater American society, as it moved from the Gilded Age to the New Deal and beyond. “This book is the product of some wonderful and groundbreaking historical detective work, and it succeeds in combining two seemingly incongruent genres of history: the local/neighborhood study and the history of transnational migration and radicalism. The result is one of the best and most detailed histories of a single anarchist community written to date. In addition, it makes new and important contributions to the history and background of the Sacco-Vanzetti case, Prohibition, and the history of fascism and anti-fascism in the United States. Scholars and lay readers interested in any of these areas will find this work indispensable.” — Kenyon Zimmer, author of Immigrants against the State: Yiddish and Italian Anarchism in America

An American Anarchist
Title An American Anarchist PDF eBook
Author Paul Avrich
Pages 292
Release 2018-05-08
Genre Women anarchists
ISBN 9781849352680

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The legendary biography of America's fiery feminist iconoclast. In paperback for the first time.

The Story of a Proletarian Life
Title The Story of a Proletarian Life PDF eBook
Author Bartolomeo Vanzetti
Pages 24
Release 1923
Genre Anarchism

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Representing Sacco and Vanzetti
Title Representing Sacco and Vanzetti PDF eBook
Author Jerome H. Delamater
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Pages 192
Release 2005-09-17
Genre History
ISBN 9781403967381

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The contributors to this volume, from a range of academic disciplines and artistic traditions, illuminate previously unexplored aspects of the internationally renowned Sacco and Vanzetti case. Rather than take up the question of whether the two Italian immigrant anarchists were guilty, the essays in this book analyze literary-, artistic-, and mass-mediated representations of Sacco and Vanzetti, linking them to stereotypes of so-called "foreigners" and "others" that prevailed in the 1920s, and interrogating those images that prevail in our own age.