Silent Fear
Title Silent Fear PDF eBook
Author Nancy Smiler Levinson
Pages 68
Release 1981
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 9780896861541

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Although the social worker assures her that this foster home is the best she could find, Sara concludes that things could be much better.

Blue Voice
Title Blue Voice PDF eBook
Author Aladdin Ayesh
Publisher iUniverse
Pages 110
Release 2004-10
Genre Poetry
ISBN 0595333400

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Blue Voice is a book about a young man who contemplates life through words as he develops and grows. Over the years, passion, love, betrayal, pain and happiness visit him and re-shape his ideas about life and people. Blue Voice is a Journey of Thoughts, as one of the poems is titled. This poetic journey starts in Waiting and continues in Aladdin's own Paradise passing through Loneliness, fear, randomness and mixed feelings giving a Paradoxical Moment or two for the restless soul. Blue Voice is a collection of poetry that uses simple language and tries to connect to simple daily events; first love, first break up, first loss and gain. The poetic language does not try to challenge but tries to connect to the heart. Blue Voice is a book to carry around and read when you feel some emotions gathering inside. The poems may make you laugh, may make you sad but you will see the simplicity and goodness of human soul.

On Fear's Edge
Title On Fear's Edge PDF eBook
Author Vickie Lee White
Publisher Page Publishing Inc
Pages 482
Release 2016-02-19
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1682131629

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It is in the Eastern part of Tennessee this story begins, in the small town of Johnson City, located one hundred miles northeast of Knoxville—a lovely city nestled in among lush green mountains. The year is 1954, population 23,000. Johnson City is a town that has flourished, from its beginning. It is rich in history, but this is not a story of history. This story centers on the strife and hardships of one dirt-poor Southern family and one little girl’s will to survive, survive not only as a child but long after. Her name is Callie James, and Callie tells the story.

Individual, Relational, and Contextual Dynamics of Emotions
Title Individual, Relational, and Contextual Dynamics of Emotions PDF eBook
Author Laura Petitta
Publisher Emerald Group Publishing
Pages 331
Release 2018-09-24
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1787548457

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This volume contributes to the ongoing study of the forces that shape the functioning of individual interpersonal workplace relationships, and it demonstrates the complex interplay between emotion, cognitive processes, brain functioning and contextual factors at multiple levels of workplace life.

Sexual Violence and the Violence of Silence
Title Sexual Violence and the Violence of Silence PDF eBook
Author Jewel Lee Herder Ph.D.
Publisher Page Publishing Inc
Pages 248
Release 2021-01-27
Genre Religion
ISBN 1646283112

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Sexual Violence and the Violence of Silence takes a candid look at the clergy sexual abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia from a historical and cultural perspective. The author reveals the five veils of silence—the actions or inactions of the church hierarchy, congregation, law enforcement, media, and general public—that shrouded these cases of clergy sexual violence and exposed the internal maneuverings by administrative officials to silence all those involved or who knew about the abuses. This violence of silence had a profound effect on the victims by adding to their pain and suffering and interfering with their ability to heal and obtain justice. The author begins with the history of the founding of the Roman Catholic Church in America and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and leads the reader through the confession and testimony of Father William Hogan, a nineteenth-century priest who acknowledged his role in grooming parishioners in the confessional, attested to the sexually abusive behavior of many of his colleagues, and argued for the pervasiveness of clergy sexual violence in the church. The reader will also be exposed to graphic grand jury testimony of the victims of a small representative sample of accused sexually violent priests from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia—Father Gerard W. Chambers, Father Joseph Gausch, and Father Nicholas V. Cudemo—who targeted their victims based on race, class, and gender. The author includes the historical context in which each priest lived and served by presenting these priests to the reader in chronological order based on their date of ordination. To assist the readers in their understanding of the scope of the cover-up by the leadership of the church, the author examines the administration of the bishops or cardinals supervising the archdiocese during the tenure of each of these predator priests.

Title Self PDF eBook
Author Yann Martel
Publisher Vintage Canada
Pages 348
Release 2012-10-23
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0307375633

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A modern-day Orlando—edgy, funny and startlingly honest—Self is the fictional autobiography of a young writer and traveller who finds his gender changed overnight.

The Thaw
Title The Thaw PDF eBook
Author Denis Kozlov
Publisher University of Toronto Press
Pages 529
Release 2013-01-01
Genre History
ISBN 1442644605

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The period from Stalin's death in 1953 to the end of the 1960s marked a crucial epoch in Soviet history. Though not overtly revolutionary, this era produced significant shifts in policies, ideas, language, artistic practices, daily behaviours, and material life. It was also during this time that social, cultural, and intellectual processes in the USSR began to parallel those in the West (and particularly in Europe) as never before. This volume examines in fascinating detail the various facets of Soviet life during the 1950s and 1960s, a period termed the 'Thaw.' Featuring innovative research by historical, literary, and film scholars from across the world, this book helps to answer fundamental questions about the nature and ultimate fortune of the Soviet order – both in its internal dynamics and in its long-term and global perspectives.