Slavery and the University

Slavery and the University
Title Slavery and the University PDF eBook
Author Leslie M. Harris
Publisher University of Georgia Press
Pages 368
Release 2019-02-01
Genre Education
ISBN 0820354449

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Slavery and the University is the first edited collection of scholarly essays devoted solely to the histories and legacies of this subject on North American campuses and in their Atlantic contexts. Gathering together contributions from scholars, activists, and administrators, the volume combines two broad bodies of work: (1) historically based interdisciplinary research on the presence of slavery at higher education institutions in terms of the development of proslavery and antislavery thought and the use of slave labor; and (2) analysis on the ways in which the legacies of slavery in institutions of higher education continued in the post–Civil War era to the present day. The collection features broadly themed essays on issues of religion, economy, and the regional slave trade of the Caribbean. It also includes case studies of slavery’s influence on specific institutions, such as Princeton University, Harvard University, Oberlin College, Emory University, and the University of Alabama. Though the roots of Slavery and the University stem from a 2011 conference at Emory University, the collection extends outward to incorporate recent findings. As such, it offers a roadmap to one of the most exciting developments in the field of U.S. slavery studies and to ways of thinking about racial diversity in the history and current practices of higher education.

Ebony and Ivy

Ebony and Ivy
Title Ebony and Ivy PDF eBook
Author Craig Steven Wilder
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 433
Release 2013-09-17
Genre History
ISBN 1596916818

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A leading African-American historian of race in America exposes the uncomfortable truths about race, slavery and the American academy, revealing that our leading universities, dependent on human bondage, became breeding grounds for the racist ideas that sustained it.

The Psychological Legacy of Slavery

The Psychological Legacy of Slavery
Title The Psychological Legacy of Slavery PDF eBook
Author Benjamin P. Bowser
Publisher McFarland
Pages 308
Release 2021-03-23
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1476642338

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This collection of essays surveys the practices, behaviors, and beliefs that developed during slavery in the Western Hemisphere, and the lingering psychological consequences that continue to impact the descendants of enslaved Africans today. The psychological legacies of slavery highlighted in this volume were found independently in Brazil, the U.S., Belize, Jamaica, Colombia, Haiti, and Martinique. They are color prejudice, self and community disdain, denial of trauma, black-on-black violence, survival crime, child beating, underlying African spirituality, and use of music and dance as community psychotherapy. The effects on descendants of slave owners include a belief in white supremacy, dehumanization of self and others, gun violence, and more. Essays also offer solutions for dealing with this vast psychological legacy. Knowledge of the continuing effects of slavery has been used in psychotherapy, family, and group counseling of African slave descendants. Progress in resolving these legacies has been made as well using psychohistory, forensic psychiatry, family social histories, and community mental health. This knowledge is crucial to eventual reconciliation and resolution of the continuing legacies of slavery and the slave trade.

Being a Slave

Being a Slave
Title Being a Slave PDF eBook
Pages 0
Release 2023-08-25
Genre History
ISBN 9788119139248

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This volume offers a unique perspective that embraces the origin and afterlife of enslavement as well as the imaginaries and representations of slaves rather than the trade in slaves itself.

Legacies of slavery

Legacies of slavery
Title Legacies of slavery PDF eBook
Publisher UNESCO Publishing
Pages 219
Release 2018-12-31
ISBN 9231002775

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Long Past Slavery

Long Past Slavery
Title Long Past Slavery PDF eBook
Author Catherine A. Stewart
Publisher UNC Press Books
Pages 372
Release 2016-02-05
Genre History
ISBN 1469626276

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From 1936 to 1939, the New Deal's Federal Writers' Project collected life stories from more than 2,300 former African American slaves. These narratives are now widely used as a source to understand the lived experience of those who made the transition from slavery to freedom. But in this examination of the project and its legacy, Catherine A. Stewart shows it was the product of competing visions of the past, as ex-slaves' memories of bondage, emancipation, and life as freedpeople were used to craft arguments for and against full inclusion of African Americans in society. Stewart demonstrates how project administrators, such as the folklorist John Lomax; white and black interviewers, including Zora Neale Hurston; and the ex-slaves themselves fought to shape understandings of black identity. She reveals that some influential project employees were also members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, intent on memorializing the Old South. Stewart places ex-slaves at the center of debates over black citizenship to illuminate African Americans' struggle to redefine their past as well as their future in the face of formidable opposition. By shedding new light on a critically important episode in the history of race, remembrance, and the legacy of slavery in the United States, Stewart compels readers to rethink a prominent archive used to construct that history.

Facing Georgetown's History

Facing Georgetown's History
Title Facing Georgetown's History PDF eBook
Author Adam Rothman
Publisher Georgetown University Press
Pages 363
Release 2021
Genre History
ISBN 1647120969

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A microcosm of the history of American slavery in a collection of the most important primary and secondary readings on slavery at Georgetown University and among the Maryland Jesuits