Sounds Like School Spirit
Title Sounds Like School Spirit PDF eBook
Author Meg Fleming
Publisher Penguin
Pages 19
Release 2021-07-20
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 0593108337

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The ultimate back-to-school ode, this interactive, cheer-filled picture book joyfully celebrates the community we build at school They have spirit, yes they do! Follow kids from circle time to the lunch line in this lively, rhyming picture book that perfectly matches the high energy of a new classroom. With a call and response like "We say ALPHA, you say BET," built into the text, kids will love reading and cheering along.

I Got the School Spirit
Title I Got the School Spirit PDF eBook
Author Connie Schofield-Morrison
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 32
Release 2020-07-07
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1547602627

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This exuberant celebration of the first day of school illustrated by award-winning illustrator Frank Morrison will have every kid cheering for school to begin! Summer is over, and this little girl has got the school spirit! She hears the school spirit in the bus driving up the street--VROOM, VROOM!--and in the bell sounding in the halls--RING-A-DING! She sings the school spirit in class with her friends--ABC, 123! The school spirit helps us all strive and grow. What will you learn today? Don't miss these other exuberant titles: I Got the Rhythm I Got the Christmas Spirit

Perspectives on the IB Diploma Core
Title Perspectives on the IB Diploma Core PDF eBook
Author Jeff Thompson
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 216
Release 2019-10-15
Genre Education
ISBN 1912906864

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The Diploma Programme was the first programme to be devised and implemented by the International Baccalaureate over fifty years ago. Since its creation, the curriculum upon which the programme is based has been continuously developed to take into account the rapidly changing needs of students, schools, higher education and employment contexts. For much of that time, the programme has included three essential components that must be undertaken by students who wish to graduate with the Diploma: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS). Taken together, over time these have come to be regarded as a "core" of the Diploma Programme, although they were not described as such at the outset. This edited collection is intended to provide input into the current review of the IB Diploma Programme. It comprises contributions from experienced authors - researchers and practitioners - who were invited to reflect upon the nature of the core as it exists at present, to raise issues in relation to the future development of the core, and to share experience in the learning and teaching of the core components across a wide range of schools, in both national and international systems of education. Questions concerning the concept of the core as a whole, developing students as internationally-minded thinkers, and the challenges of bringing coherence to the core in establishing a holistic approach to the curriculum, underpin the individual chapters throughout. Contributors: Edward Allanson, Tom Brodie, John Cannings, Christian Chiarenza, Mary Donnellan, Jenny Gillett, Robin Julian, Julian Kitching, Justin Laleh, Ann Lautrette, James MacDonald, Shona McIntosh, Heather Michael, Paul Regan, John Royce, John Sprague, George Walker.

Devious: An It Girl Novel
Title Devious: An It Girl Novel PDF eBook
Author Cecily Von Ziegesar
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 162
Release 2012-07-05
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 0755393864

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Jenny Humphrey could have lost everything she'd worked so hard for when the reality show her adoring freshman fans were filming backfired on her in the most publicly humiliating way...but it meant she found out who her friends were - maybe Waverly is big enough for four IT girls?

Drawing Outside the Lines
Title Drawing Outside the Lines PDF eBook
Author Susan Austin
Publisher SparkPress
Pages 164
Release 2022-10-18
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1684631602

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Meet the brilliant, fearless, and ambitious Julia Morgan. In 1883, eleven-year-old Julia visits the amazing new Brooklyn Bridge—an experience that ignites within her a small but persistent flame. Someday, she decides, she too will build an astounding structure. Growing up in horse-and-buggy Oakland, Julia enjoys daring fence walks, climbing the tallest trees, and constantly testing her mother’s patience with her lack of interest in domestic duties and social events. At a time when “brainy” girls are the object of ridicule, Julia excels in school and consistently outsmarts her ornery brothers—but she has an even greater battle ahead. When she enrolls at university to study engineering, the male students taunt her, and the professors belittle her. Through it all, however, Julia holds on to her dream of becoming an architect. She faces each challenge head-on, firmly standing up to those who believe a woman’s place is in the home. Fortunately, the world has yet to meet anyone like the indomitable Miss Morgan. Drawing Outside the Lines is an imagined childhood of pioneering architect Julia Morgan, who left behind her an extraordinary legacy of creativity, beauty, and engineering marvels.

Actionable Gamification
Title Actionable Gamification PDF eBook
Author Yu-kai Chou
Publisher Packt Publishing Ltd
Pages 500
Release 2019-12-03
Genre Computers
ISBN 183921077X

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Learn all about implementing a good gamification design into your products, workplace, and lifestyle Key FeaturesExplore what makes a game fun and engagingGain insight into the Octalysis Framework and its applicationsDiscover the potential of the Core Drives of gamification through real-world scenariosBook Description Effective gamification is a combination of game design, game dynamics, user experience, and ROI-driving business implementations. This book explores the interplay between these disciplines and captures the core principles that contribute to a good gamification design. The book starts with an overview of the Octalysis Framework and the 8 Core Drives that can be used to build strategies around the various systems that make games engaging. As the book progresses, each chapter delves deep into a Core Drive, explaining its design and how it should be used. Finally, to apply all the concepts and techniques that you learn throughout, the book contains a brief showcase of using the Octalysis Framework to design a project experience from scratch. After reading this book, you'll have the knowledge and skills to enable the widespread adoption of good gamification and human-focused design in all types of industries. What you will learnDiscover ways to use gamification techniques in real-world situationsDesign fun, engaging, and rewarding experiences with OctalysisUnderstand what gamification means and how to categorize itLeverage the power of different Core Drives in your applicationsExplore how Left Brain and Right Brain Core Drives differ in motivation and design methodologiesExamine the fascinating intricacies of White Hat and Black Hat Core DrivesWho this book is for Anyone who wants to implement gamification principles and techniques into their products, workplace, and lifestyle will find this book useful.

The Momentous Expiration of Tremmy Sinclair
Title The Momentous Expiration of Tremmy Sinclair PDF eBook
Author Michael F. Stewart
Publisher Michael F. Stewart
Pages 229
Release 2021-10-25
Genre Young Adult Fiction
ISBN 1989133061

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Seventeen years old. Rich. Hot. Captain of the Drone War team. Head prefect of a surreally elite boarding school. Tremmy is dying. His illness strips everything from him­—­including the support of his teachers and friends who once nurtured his bright future. Worst of all, his best friend’s meteoric rise has come at the expense of Tremmy’s spectacular fall. Far from going out with the bang he’d hoped for, Tremmy faces betrayal. But his illness has the power to expose the best as well as the worst of his school, his friends, and himself. Tremmy sets out to prove that the community he loves has to overcome its fear of death in order to truly begin to live. And Tremmy receive the momentous end he so fervently desires.