Street Without Joy
Title Street Without Joy PDF eBook
Author Bernard B. Fall
Publisher Stackpole Books
Pages 430
Release 1994
Genre History
ISBN 9780811717007

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This classic account of the French War in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia is back in hardcover. Includes an introduction by George C. Herring.

Street Without Joy
Title Street Without Joy PDF eBook
Author Bernard Fall
Publisher Pen and Sword
Pages 414
Release 2005-10-20
Genre History
ISBN 1844153185

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A poignant, angry, articulate book Newsweek 'Mr Fall's book is a dramatic treatment of a historic event graphic impact New York Times Originally published in 1961, before the United States escalated its involvement in South Vietnam, Street Without Joy offered a clear warning about what American forces would face in the jungles of Southeast Asia; a costly and protracted revolutionary war fought without fronts against a mobile enemy. In harrowing detail, Fall describes the brutality and frustrations of the Indochina War, the savage eight-year conflict, ending in 1954 after the fall of Dien Bien Phu, in which French forces suffered a staggering defeat at the hands of Communist-led Vietnamese nationalists. Street Without Joy was required reading for policymakers in Washington and GIs in the field and is now considered a classic.

Streets Without Joy
Title Streets Without Joy PDF eBook
Author Michael A. Innes
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 388
Release 2021-12-01
Genre Social Science
ISBN 019764418X

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America's wars after the 9/11 attacks were marked by a political obsession with terrorist 'sanctuaries' and 'safe havens'. From mountain redoubts in Afghanistan to the deserts of Iraq, Washington's policy-makers maintained an unwavering focus on finding and destroying the refuges, bases and citadels of modern guerrilla movements, and holding their sponsors to account. This was a preoccupation embedded in nearly every official speech and document of the time, a corpus of material that offered a new logic for thinking about the world. As an exercise in political communication, it was a spectacular success. From 2001 to 2009, President George W. Bush and his closest advisors set terms of reference that cascaded down from the White House, through government and into the hearts and minds of Americans. 'Sanctuary' was the red thread running through all of it, permeating the decisions and discourses of the day. Where did this obsession come from? How did it become such an important feature of American political life? In this new political history, Michael A. Innes explores precedents, from Saigon to Baghdad, and traces how decision-makers and their advisors used ideas of sanctuary to redefine American foreign policy, national security, and enemies real and imagined.

Summary of Bernard B. Fall & Fredrik Logevall's Street Without Joy
Title Summary of Bernard B. Fall & Fredrik Logevall's Street Without Joy PDF eBook
Author Everest Media,
Publisher Everest Media LLC
Pages 63
Release 2022-03-27T22:59:00Z
Genre History
ISBN 1669369269

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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 The French had fought a short but bloody war with the Japanese in September 1940, before the Japanese ultimatum. The French ambassador in Washington wired Catroux that his request for 120 modern fighter planes had been turned down by Under Secretary of State Sumner Welles, because the United States did not believe it could enter into conflict with Japan. #2 The French in Indochina were abandoned by their allies and their own government in France, which had begun to negotiate an accord with the Japanese. The Japanese attacked and captured what French troops and administrators remained in Indochina in March 1945, and the order was executed to the letter. #3 The Japanese forced the Emperor of Annam to proclaim the end of the French protectorate and the independence of his country under Japanese protection. The spell of French overlordship in Indochina was broken forever. #4 The French expeditionary force of less than two divisions was allowed to re-enter North Viet-Nam in February 1946 under the terms of an agreement negotiated by the French with the Viet-Minh. But the Viet-Minh had had about ten months in which to establish their administration, train their forces with Japanese and American weapons, and terrorize or kill the genuine Vietnamese nationalists who wanted a Viet-Nam independent from France.

Street Without Joy
Title Street Without Joy PDF eBook
Author Bernard B. Fall
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 416
Release 2018-02-16
Genre History
ISBN 0811767752

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First published in 1961 by Stackpole Books, Street without Joy is a classic of military history. Journalist and scholar Bernard Fall vividly captured the sights, sounds, and smells of the brutal— and politically complicated—conflict between the French and the Communist-led Vietnamese nationalists in Indochina. The French fought to the bitter end, but even with the lethal advantages of a modern military, they could not stave off the Viet Minh insurgency of hit-and-run tactics, ambushes, booby traps, and nighttime raids. The final French defeat came at Dien Bien Phu in 1954, setting the stage for American involvement and a far bloodier chapter in Vietnam‘s history. Fall combined graphic reporting with deep scholarly knowledge of Vietnam and its colonial history in a book memorable in its descriptions of jungle fighting and insightful in its arguments. After more than a half a century in print, Street without Joy remains required reading.

Battle Notes
Title Battle Notes PDF eBook
Author Lee Andresen
Publisher Savage Press
Pages 366
Release 2003
Genre Music
ISBN 9781886028593

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This is the trade paperback second edition of the popular original title

Mavericks of War
Title Mavericks of War PDF eBook
Author Jason S Ridler
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 448
Release 2023-06-14
Genre History
ISBN 0811767760

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During World War I, Oxford-trained archeologist Lawrence of Arabia used his knowledge of the Middle East to help organize the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire. In this entertaining and insightful book, Jason Ridler profiles the intellectuals, outsiders, and eccentrics who followed in Lawrence’s footsteps across the next hundred years of warfare and who relied on creativity, curiosity, and outside-the-box thinking to shape battlefields from World War II and Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan. They were Ivy Leaguers and Oxford scholars, anthropologists and archeologists, an ad executive, an international activist, a Peace Corps veteran, an émigré journalist (and former teenage member of the French Resistance), a diplomat—mavericks and oddballs, men and women—who, not always heralded or heeded and sometimes hated, challenged traditional military thought and helped win wars, secure peace, and change the face of modern war.