Subversive Witness

Subversive Witness
Title Subversive Witness PDF eBook
Author Dominique DuBois Gilliard
Publisher Zondervan
Pages 235
Release 2021-08-24
Genre Religion
ISBN 0310124042

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Learn to leverage privilege. Privilege is a social consequence of our unwillingness to reckon with and turn from sin. But properly stewarded, it can help us see and participate in God's inbreaking kingdom. Scripture repeatedly affirms that privilege is real and declares that, rather than exploiting it for selfish gain or feeling immobilized by it, Christians have a responsibility to leverage it. Subversive Witness asks us to grapple with privilege, indifference, and systemic sin in new ways by using biblical examples to reveal the complex nature of privilege and Christians' responsibility in stewarding it well. Dominique DuBois Gilliard highlights several people in the Bible who understood this kingdom call. Through their stories, you will discover how to leverage privilege to: Resist Sin Stand in Solidarity with the Oppressed Birth Liberation Create Systemic Change Proclaim the Good News Generate Social Transformation By embodying Scripture's subversive call to leverage--and at times forsake--privilege, readers will learn to love their neighbors sacrificially, enact systemic change, and grow more Christlike as citizens of God's kingdom.

Faithful Antiracism

Faithful Antiracism
Title Faithful Antiracism PDF eBook
Author Christina Barland Edmondson
Publisher InterVarsity Press
Pages 171
Release 2022-03-22
Genre Religion
ISBN 0830847243

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Reader's Choice Award Winner It's time to move past talk. It's no longer news to most of us that our society has a deep-seated racism problem. Christians of all ethnic and economic backgrounds are tired of seeing the ugly legacy of racism play out before their eyes and feeling ill-equipped to respond. They watch as friends and family members leave the visible church over this issue, or fall prey to a gospel of White nationalism that is an affront to the cross of Christ. Racism presents itself as an undefeatable foe—a sustained scourge on the reputation of the church. In Faithful Antiracism, Christina Barland Edmondson and Chad Brennan take confidence from the truth that Christ has overcome the world, including racism, and offer clear analysis and interventions to challenge and resist its pernicious power. Drawing on brand-new research from the landmark Race, Religion, and Justice Project led by Michael Emerson and others, this book represents the most comprehensive study on Christians and race since Emerson's own book Divided by Faith (2001). It invites readers to put this data to immediate practical use, applying it to their own specific context. Compelled by our grievous social moment and by the timeless truth of Scripture, Faithful Antiracism will equip readers to move past talk and enter the fight against racism in both practical and hopeful ways.

Do Black Lives Matter?

Do Black Lives Matter?
Title Do Black Lives Matter? PDF eBook
Author Lisa M. Bowens
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Pages 292
Release 2023-06-20
Genre History
ISBN 1666705438

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In this book Lisa Bowens and Dennis R. Edwards collate a virtual manifesto on the way the Bible serves as inspiration, theological grist, and even the language needed to be the change to people of good faith everywhere. The authors of this book challenge the forces of racism that are so deeply entrenched in church and society today offering prophetic insight into Black resilience and the historic and ongoing importance of Scripture to that resilience. The authors also forefront the significance of Scripture to the Black struggle for justice by bringing together here prominent, gifted Black scholars in biblical studies, ethics, history, and theology, as their work and writing contribute so much to the ongoing struggle against injustice. The book will offer both biblical reflection celebrating an African American theological reading and a prophetic call to arms by means of sermons and other reflections. The book includes contributions from: Jaime L. Waters, Jennifer Kaalund, Angela Parker Reggie, Williams Antonia Daymond, Brian Bantum, Danjuma Gibson, David Daniels, Y. Joy Harris-Smith, Vince Bantu, Marcia Clarke, Valerie Landfair, Antipas Harris, Luke Powery, Efrem Smith, Donyelle McCray, Jamal-Dominique Hopkins.

Having the Mind of Christ

Having the Mind of Christ
Title Having the Mind of Christ PDF eBook
Author Matt Tebbe
Publisher InterVarsity Press
Pages 177
Release 2022-07-26
Genre Religion
ISBN 1514003600

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Reader's Choice Award Winner "Why doesn’t the Christian life work like I thought it would?" While we often start with good intentions, it feels like real transformation is elusive at best, and maybe even impossible. We deeply want to live in the freedom that Christ offers, but we are acutely aware of the gap between a transformed life and our reality. Having the Mind of Christ tackles the issues of lasting life change. When we feel some kind of inspiration or need to seek change in our lives, we start with behaviors: new to-dos, tactics, techniques, or spiritual disciplines that we hope will bring about the transformation we desire. While these behavioral changes can bear good results, they just as often fail to produce the lasting change we deeply desire. That's because transformation requires more than a change in practice – it requires a change in paradigm. Pastors Matt Tebbe and Ben Sternke share eight axioms that help reframe the way that we see God, ourselves, and others. By seeing through new lenses, we can open ourselves to the transformational change that God wants for our lives.