Superior Women
Title Superior Women PDF eBook
Author Jennifer C. Edwards
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 240
Release 2019-07-11
Genre History
ISBN 0192574981

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Superior Women examines the claims of abbesses of the abbey of Sainte-Croix in medieval Poitiers to authority from the abbey's foundation to its 1520 reform. These women claimed to hold authority over their own community, over dependent chapters of male canons, and over extensive properties in Poitou; male officials such as the king of France and the pope repeatedly supported these claims. To secure this support, the abbesses relied on two strategies that the abbey's founder, the sixth-century Saint Radegund, established: they documented support from a network of allies made up of powerful secular and ecclesiastical officials, and they used artefacts left from Radegund's life to shape her cult and win new patrons and allies. Abbesses across the 900 years of this study routinely turned to these strategies successfully when faced with conflict from dependents, or more local officials such as the bishop of Poitiers. Sainte-Croix's nuns proved adept at tailoring these strategies to shifting historical contexts, turning from Frankish bishops to the kings of Frankia, then to the Pope and finally to the King of France as former allies became unavailable to them. The book demonstrates respectful cooperation between men and monastic women, and more extensive respect for female monastic authority than scholars typically recognize. Chapters focus on the cult's manuscripts, church decoration, procession, jurisdictions between cult institutions, reform, and rebellion.

Superior Women
Title Superior Women PDF eBook
Author Alice Adams
Publisher Scribner
Pages 432
Release 2019-12-03
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1982134690

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The timeless coming-of-age novel about five young women who meet at Radcliffe College and together grow to maturity—through intrigues, ambitions, affairs, and marriages—from World War II to the 1980s. Lavinia, Peg, and Cathy seem to have little in common save for their freshman status. None of them could know that their destinies are about to inextricably intertwine. Across four decades, as time and events upend their expectations, these five women discover their sexuality, reveal their secrets, and struggle with independence—sometimes surrendering, sometimes making stunning choices. Now reissued thirty-five years after its original release, Alice Adams’s Superior Women, hailed as “a remarkable compression of time, memory, and sentiment—rather as if Hemingway had been turned loose on Proust” (San Francisco Chronicle), is a richly drawn, uncompromising novel about women’s intimate, interior lives for fans of Mary McCarthy’s The Group and Rona Jaffe’s The Best of Everything.

Famous Women of the Bible
Title Famous Women of the Bible PDF eBook
Author Henry Davenport Northrop
Pages 608
Release 1898
Genre Dummies (Bookselling)

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Patterns of Women's Leadership in Early Christianity
Title Patterns of Women's Leadership in Early Christianity PDF eBook
Author Joan E. Taylor
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA
Pages 362
Release 2021-02-18
Genre Religion
ISBN 0198867069

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This authoritative collection brings together the latest thinking on women's leadership in early Christianity. Featuring contributors from key thinkers in the fields of Christian history, it considers the evidence for ways in which women exercised leadership in churches from the 1st to the 9th centuries CE.

Imagining Women's Conventual Spaces in France, 1600–1800
Title Imagining Women's Conventual Spaces in France, 1600–1800 PDF eBook
Author Barbara R. Woshinsky
Publisher Routledge
Pages 362
Release 2016-12-05
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 135192866X

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Blending history and architecture with literary analysis, this ground-breaking study explores the convent's place in the early modern imagination. The author brackets her account between two pivotal events: the Council of Trent imposing strict enclosure on cloistered nuns, and the French Revolution expelling them from their cloisters two centuries later. In the intervening time, women within convent walls were both captives and refugees from an outside world dominated by patriarchal power and discourses. Yet despite locks and bars, the cloister remained "porous" to privileged visitors. Others could catch a glimpse of veiled nuns through the elaborate grills separating cloistered space from the church, provoking imaginative accounts of convent life. Not surprisingly, the figure of the confined religious woman represents an intensified object of desire in male-authored narrative. The convent also spurred "feminutopian" discourses composed by women: convents become safe houses for those fleeing bad marriages or trying to construct an ideal, pastoral life, as a counter model to the male-dominated court or household. Recent criticism has identified certain privileged spaces that early modern women made their own: the ruelle, the salon, the hearth of fairy tale-telling. Woshinsky's book definitively adds the convent to this list.

The Woman's World
Title The Woman's World PDF eBook
Pages 616
Release 1888

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Gender Hierarchy in the Qur'ān
Title Gender Hierarchy in the Qur'ān PDF eBook
Author Karen Bauer
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 323
Release 2015-06-09
Genre History
ISBN 110704152X

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This book explores Muslim interpretations of Qur'ānic verses on gender roles in testimony, human creation and marriage. Karen Bauer traces the evolution of these interpretations, showing how they have been adopted, adapted, rejected or replaced over time, by comparing the Qur'ān with a wide range of Qur'ānic commentaries and interviews.