Teaching, the Joy of Profession
Title Teaching, the Joy of Profession PDF eBook
Author Christof Wiechert
Pages 184
Release 2012
ISBN 9783723514733

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To be a teacher and teaching children and youngsters is still a wonderful profession: it never gets dull or boring. But it is also a professional life under pressure. The teacher is constantly serving others, without time for him or herself. This book is a guide to find that balance which means gaining access to more energy.

Just Teaching
Title Just Teaching PDF eBook
Author Jonathan Eckert
Publisher Corwin Press
Pages 228
Release 2022-12-21
Genre Education
ISBN 1071903705

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Elevating the essential work of today’s teachers Teaching is life-giving work, essential for the development of thriving humans. It is devastating to hear teachers refer to themselves as "just teachers" as if they are powerless and without status. What if we turned the phrase’s meaning upside-down and claimed its redemptive power? "Just teachers" care for each student. Teachers who are just, cultivate freedom, justice, and flourishing. This book will have readers "just teaching" in the best sense of the phrase! Just Teaching has been written for teachers who want to develop the best ways to serve students based on research on how students learn. This book shows how to use appropriate tools, based on the wisdom of generations of educators, in a focused, sustainable way. Readers will find: evidence-based practices to support student feedback, engagement, and wellbeing (for students and teachers, too) case studies from familiar classroom perspectives useful technology suggestions solutions tools for building an overarching approach to meeting the needs of individual students By addressing feedback, engagement, and well-being in ways that are founded on justice and love for students, Just Teaching supports comprehensive, manageable learning while elevating the essential work of educators.

New Educational Philosophy
Title New Educational Philosophy PDF eBook
Author Bhagirathi Sahu
Publisher Sarup & Sons
Pages 424
Release 2002
Genre Education
ISBN 9788176253178

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Higher Order Thinking in Science Classrooms: Students’ Learning and Teachers’ Professional Development
Title Higher Order Thinking in Science Classrooms: Students’ Learning and Teachers’ Professional Development PDF eBook
Author Anat Zohar
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Pages 244
Release 2004-01-31
Genre Education
ISBN 1402018541

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How can educators bridge the gap between "big" ideas about teaching students to think and educational practice? This book addresses this question by a unique combination of theory, field experience and elaborate educational research. Its basic idea is to look at science instruction with regard to two sets of explicit goals: one set refers to teaching science concepts and the second set refers to teaching higher order thinking. This book tells about how thinking can be taught not only in the rare and unique conditions that are so typical of affluent experimental educational projects but also in the less privileged but much more common conditions of educational practice that most schools have to endure. It provides empirical evidence showing that students from all academic levels actually improve their thinking and their scientific knowledge following the thinking curricula, and discusses specific means for teaching higher order thinking to students with low academic achievements. The second part of the book addresses issues that pertain to teachers' professional development and to their knowledge and beliefs regarding the teaching of higher order thinking. This book is intended for a very large audience: researchers (including graduate students), curricular designers, practicing and pre-service teachers, college students, teacher educators and those interested in educational reform. Although the book is primarily about the development of thinking in science classrooms, most of it chapters may be of interest to educators from all disciplines.

The Turning Point for the Teaching Profession
Title The Turning Point for the Teaching Profession PDF eBook
Author Field Rickards
Publisher Routledge
Pages 176
Release 2020-11-29
Genre Education
ISBN 1000220141

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A revolution is happening in education, with leaders and teachers now asked to focus on learning, to develop collaborative teams to impact on students, to use and raise professional standards, and to identify and esteem expertise in our profession. With new demands relating to technological advances, changing demographics, internationalism, and the inclusion of ‘twenty-first-century skills,’ there is pressure on schools to deliver greater and deeper success with more students. The Turning Point aims to present the factors needed to affect real change for school systems, in classrooms, and in the teaching profession by: Arguing for the establishment of teaching as a true 'profession' alongside areas such as medicine or law. Identifying the expertise fundamental to the meeting demands of schools. Elaborating on evaluative thinking and clinical practice as the basis of this new profession. Outlining core levers of change to show how teachers can have profound impacts on educational, medical, and social dimensions of students. This book is essential reading for teachers, school leaders, education policymakers, teacher candidates, and teacher educators. Those working in affiliated professions, such as adolescent psychologists and health workers, will also find aspects of the book relevant to their work.

Teaching With Light
Title Teaching With Light PDF eBook
Author Carol Pelletier Radford
Publisher Corwin Press
Pages 160
Release 2021-03-03
Genre Education
ISBN 1071822675

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Illuminate your education path with uplifting lessons and mindful living practices. It takes courage, positivity, and passion to thrive as a teacher. This vivid and inspirational guide offers educators practical wisdom and strategies to promote their wellbeing and balance. Carol Pelletier Radford shares 10 important lessons she has learned in a long career as an educator that can help you build a fulfilling and lifelong career in education. In each lesson, readers will find: • Stories of resilience from classroom teachers • Self-care tips and assessments • Podcasts with inspiring teachers and leaders who have lived out the 10 lessons • Reading plans for teachers, teacher teams, and mentor/mentee pairs • Ways to dive deeper with additional companion website resources Teaching With Light equips courageous teachers with the tools they need to take care of themselves so they can serve their students, step into leadership, and contribute to the education profession.

Handbook of Research on Teacher Education and Professional Development
Title Handbook of Research on Teacher Education and Professional Development PDF eBook
Author Martin, Christie
Publisher IGI Global
Pages 740
Release 2016-09-23
Genre Education
ISBN 1522510680

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With the ever-changing climate of education around the globe, it is essential that educators stay abreast of the most updated teaching methods and applications. To do this, fostering teacher education programs that include innovative practices and initiatives within the field is imperative. The Handbook of Research on Teacher Education and Professional Development investigates current initiatives and approaches in educational programs. Focusing on research studies and theoretical concepts on innovative projects related to teacher education and professional development programs, this book is a pivotal reference source for academics, professionals, students, practitioners, and researchers.