The Amateur
Title The Amateur PDF eBook
Author Edward Klein
Publisher Regnery Publishing
Pages 306
Release 2013-06-03
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1621570908

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Argues that President Obama is arrogant and incompetent and discusses how his wife wields immense control over him, the real reason Rahm Emmanuel left the White House, and how Obama has forgotten and ignored those who helped put him in power.

The World as It Is
Title The World as It Is PDF eBook
Author Ben Rhodes
Publisher Random House
Pages 480
Release 2018-06-05
Genre Political Science
ISBN 0525509364

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From one of Barack Obama’s most trusted aides comes a revelatory behind-the-scenes account of his presidency—and how idealism can confront harsh reality and still survive. “The closest view of Obama we’re likely to get until he publishes his own memoir.”—George Packer, The New Yorker NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE GUARDIAN For nearly ten years, Ben Rhodes saw almost everything that happened at the center of the Obama administration—first as a speechwriter, then as deputy national security advisor, and finally as a multipurpose aide and close collaborator. He started every morning in the Oval Office with the President’s Daily Briefing, traveled the world with Obama, and was at the center of some of the most consequential and controversial moments of the presidency. Now he tells the full story of his partnership—and, ultimately, friendship—with a man who also happened to be a historic president of the United States. Rhodes was not your typical presidential confidant, and this is not your typical White House memoir. Rendered in vivid, novelistic detail by someone who was a writer before he was a staffer, this is a rare look inside the most poignant, tense, and consequential moments of the Obama presidency—waiting out the bin Laden raid in the Situation Room, responding to the Arab Spring, reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran, leading secret negotiations with the Cuban government to normalize relations, and confronting the resurgence of nationalism and nativism that culminated in the election of Donald Trump. In The World as It Is, Rhodes shows what it was like to be there—from the early days of the Obama campaign to the final hours of the presidency. It is a story populated by such characters as Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, Bob Gates, and—above all—Barack Obama, who comes to life on the page in moments of great urgency and disarming intimacy. This is the most vivid portrayal yet of Obama’s worldview and presidency, a chronicle of a political education by a writer of enormous talent, and an essential record of the forces that shaped the last decade. Praise for The World as It Is “A book that reflects the president [Rhodes] served—intelligent, amiable, compelling and principled . . . a classic coming-of-age story, about the journey from idealism to realism, told with candor and immediacy . . . His achievement is rare for a political memoir: He has written a humane and honorable book.”—Joe Klein, The New York Times Book Review

Blood Feud
Title Blood Feud PDF eBook
Author Edward Klein
Publisher Pinnacle Books
Pages 320
Release 2015-10-01
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0786039124

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“Irresistible entertainment . . . paints a Shakespearean portrait of power, lust and clashes between and within the two first families.” —The New York Times On the surface, they were allies, two of the most powerful Democratic families on the political landscape, shaping American policy for years to come. Behind the scenes, they were bitter enemies, rivals fueled by great personal animosity. #1 New York Times-bestselling author Edward Klein unveils the jealousy, hostility, and outright rancor that divided the Clintons and Obamas. As the Clintons attempted to maneuver their way back into the White House, Blood Feud, the bestseller that toppled Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices from the #1 New York Times slot, shed new light on the political spectacle to come. In Blood Feud, you’ll learn . . . · The secret Hillary Clinton kept that could make it impossible for her to be president · How Barack Obama set up Hillary Clinton to take the blame for the Benghazi debacle · Why Michelle Obama’s political ambitions could rival Hillary Clinton’s · How the only White House dinner between the Obamas and the Clintons simmered with tension and contempt · The true power behind President Obama was not Michelle, but her closest friend . . . “The kind of book you should read with a loved one. Aloud . . . Blood Feud’s tale is a timeless one.” —BuzzFeed “A fantastic, quick read that gives you a behind the scenes look into the divide in the Democratic Party.” —Capitalist Creations

Transforming America
Title Transforming America PDF eBook
Author Steven E. Schier
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 299
Release 2011-09-16
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1442201789

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The presidency of Barack Obama seeks a major transformation of American politics and policy. This new collection, edited by Steven E. Schier, examines the unusual combination of risk and ambition in Obama's presidency concerning popular politics, Washington politics, and economic and foreign policy. It also places the Obama presidency in historical perspective, noting the unusual circumstances of his election and the similarities and differences between presidential politics today and those of previous eras. Transforming America: Barack Obama in the White House provides a guiding focus involving the successes and failures of the administration's transformative aspirations during Obama's initial years in the White House.

The Obama Identity
Title The Obama Identity PDF eBook
Author Edward Klein
Pages 356
Release 2010-09-27
ISBN 9781453792896

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-In the summer of 2004, CIA agent Theodore J. Higginbothem III was summoned by his boss to a hush-hush meeting in the basement of the National Museum of Health. "Higgy," his boss whispered in his ear, "the CIA has a top-secret, off-the-books domestic spying operation in which we keep tabs on our most ambitious presidential hopefuls. I want you to do a complete workup on Barack Hussein Obama. Where was he born? Is he a Muslim? Is he a socialist? Who is behind him? And what is Obama's real agenda." THE OBAMA IDENTITY follows Higgy and his team as they travel all over the world-from Chicago to Mombasa to Honolulu to Jakarta and St. Petersburg, Russia-and encounter Birthers and Bushes, Katie Couric and Muslim clerics. Along their hilarious and madcap journey, Higgy and his crack operatives discover startling secrets about the 44th president of the United States-a man some call "The Chosen One" and others refer to as " an Obamanation." Among the many startling revelations in THE OBAMA IDENTITY:* What Obama's Kenyan grandmother says about his birthplace * How a Muslim imam taught young Obama to apologize for America and bow to foreigners* How the Reverend Jeremiah Wright taught Obama to use the TelePromTer* What happened to the videotapes showing Obama high-fiving the Reverend Wright after one of his anti-American sermons* How financier George Soros brought about the collapse of the American economy to help elect Obama* Why Obama blames everything on George W. Bush except Katie Couric's dismal ratings* How the Russians blackmailed Obama into canceling America's anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe* Who came up with the idea of carving Obama's face on Mount Rushmore right next to Abe Lincoln's?

What Jefferson Read, Ike Watched, and Obama Tweeted
Title What Jefferson Read, Ike Watched, and Obama Tweeted PDF eBook
Author Tevi Troy
Publisher Regnery Publishing
Pages 354
Release 2013-09-02
Genre History
ISBN 1621570398

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Explores how U.S. presidents' cultural pursuits shaped their leadership while examining how the reading habits of early presidents have been sidelined by such technological advances as the radio, the television, and the Internet.

Prisoners of the White House
Title Prisoners of the White House PDF eBook
Publisher Routledge
Pages 256
Release 2015-11-17
Genre Education
ISBN 1317253477

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Prisoners of the White House looks at the isolation experienced by presidents of the United States in the White House, a habitat almost guaranteed to keep America's commander in chief far removed from everyday life. The authors look at how this is emerging as one of the most serious dilemmas facing the American presidency. As presidents have become more isolated, the role of the presidential pollster has grown. Ken Walsh has been given exclusive access to the polls and confidential memos received by presidents over the years, and has interviewed presidential pollsters directly to gain their unique perspective. Prisoners of the White House gets inside the bubble and punctures the mythology surrounding the presidency.