The Black Panther Party

The Black Panther Party
Title The Black Panther Party PDF eBook
Author David F. Walker
Publisher Ten Speed Graphic
Pages 194
Release 2021-01-19
Genre Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN 1984857703

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WINNER OF THE EISNER AWARD • A bold and fascinating graphic novel history of the revolutionary Black Panther Party. Founded in Oakland, California, in 1966, the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was a radical political organization that stood in defiant contrast to the mainstream civil rights movement. This gripping illustrated history explores the impact and significance of the Panthers, from their social, educational, and healthcare programs that were designed to uplift the Black community to their battle against police brutality through citizen patrols and frequent clashes with the FBI, which targeted the Party from its outset. Using dramatic comic book-style retellings and illustrated profiles of key figures, The Black Panther Party captures the major events, people, and actions of the party, as well as their cultural and political influence and enduring legacy.

Black against Empire

Black against Empire
Title Black against Empire PDF eBook
Author Joshua Bloom
Publisher Univ of California Press
Pages 568
Release 2016-10-25
Genre History
ISBN 0520966457

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This timely special edition, published on the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party, features a new preface by the authors that places the Party in a contemporary political landscape, especially as it relates to Black Lives Matter and other struggles to fight police brutality against black communities. In Oakland, California, in 1966, community college students Bobby Seale and Huey Newton armed themselves, began patrolling the police, and promised to prevent police brutality. Unlike the Civil Rights Movement that called for full citizenship rights for blacks within the United States, the Black Panther Party rejected the legitimacy of the U.S. government and positioned itself as part of a global struggle against American imperialism. In the face of intense repression, the Party flourished, becoming the center of a revolutionary movement with offices in sixty-eight U.S. cities and powerful allies around the world. Black against Empire is the first comprehensive overview and analysis of the history and politics of the Black Panther Party. The authors analyze key political questions, such as why so many young black people across the country risked their lives for the revolution, why the Party grew most rapidly during the height of repression, and why allies abandoned the Party at its peak of influence. Bold, engrossing, and richly detailed, this book cuts through the mythology and obfuscation, revealing the political dynamics that drove the explosive growth of this revolutionary movement and its disastrous unraveling. Informed by twelve years of meticulous archival research, as well as familiarity with most of the former Party leadership and many rank-and-file members, this book is the definitive history of one of the greatest challenges ever posed to American state power.

Black Panther

Black Panther
Title Black Panther PDF eBook
Author Emory Douglas
Publisher Rizzoli Publications
Pages 0
Release 2014-02-04
Genre Art
ISBN 0847841898

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A reformatted and reduced price edition—including a revised and updated introduction by Sam Durant and new text on the artist today by Colette Gaiter--of the first book to show the provocative posters and groundbreaking graphics of the Black Panther Party. The Black Panther Party for Self Defense, formed in the aftermath of the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965, sounded a defiant cry for an end to the institutionalized subjugation of African Americans. The Black Panther newspaper was founded to articulate the party’s message, and artist Emory Douglas became the paper’s art director and later the party’s minister of culture. Douglas’s artistic talents and experience proved a powerful combination: his striking collages of photographs and his own drawings combined to create some of the era’s most iconic images. This landmark book brings together a remarkable lineup of party insiders who detail the crafting of the party’s visual identity.

Black Panther Party True History

Black Panther Party True History
Title Black Panther Party True History PDF eBook
Author Therlee Gipson
Pages 88
Release 2018-09-17
ISBN 035903991X

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This book tells the true story of The Black Panther Party True History: When I was in the U. S. Navy stationed on the USS Ranger CVA 61 docked at Alameda, California, I would go on 7th Street in Oakland for liberty. I ran across a group of Black youngster who wanted donations to their Church to help fund The Black Panthers Program in their Pentecostal Church in the late 1950s. The Black Panther Party achieved National and International notoriety through its involvement in the Black Power Movement and U.S. Politics of the 1960s and 1970s. The group's "provocative rhetoric, militant posture, and Cultural and Political flourishes permanently altered the contours of American Identity." Founded in Oakland, California by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton on October 15, 1966, the Organization initially set forth a Doctrine calling primarily for the protection of African American neighborhoods from Police brutality.

Freedom! The Story of the Black Panther Party

Freedom! The Story of the Black Panther Party
Title Freedom! The Story of the Black Panther Party PDF eBook
Author Jetta Grace Martin
Publisher Chronicle Books
Pages 388
Release 2022-01-18
Genre Young Adult Nonfiction
ISBN 1646142179

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Booklist Editors’ Choice WINNER of the Russell Freedman Award for Non-Fiction for a Better World Knowledge is power. The secret is this. Knowledge, applied at the right time and place, is more than power. It’s magic. That’s what the Black Panther Party did. They called up this magic and launched a revolution. In the beginning, it was a story like any other. It could have been yours and it could have been mine. But once it got going, it became more than any one person could have imagined. This is the story of Huey and Bobby. Eldridge and Kathleen. Elaine and Fred and Ericka. This is the story of the committed party members. Their supporters and allies. The Free Breakfast Program and the Ten Point Program. It’s about Black nationalism, Black radicalism, about Black people in America. From the authors of the acclaimed book, Black Against Empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party, and introducing new talent Jetta Grace Martin, comes the story of the Panthers for younger readers—meticulously researched, thrillingly told, and filled with incredible photographs throughout. P R A I S E ★ “A passionate, honest, and intimate look into an important time in civil rights history.” —Booklist (starred) ★ “Impeccable writing and stellar design make this title highly recommended.” —School Library Journal (starred) “Detailed, thoroughly researched...A valuable addition to the history of African American resistance.” —Kirkus

Seize the Time

Seize the Time
Title Seize the Time PDF eBook
Author Bobby Seale
Publisher Black Classic Press
Pages 452
Release 1991
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9780933121300

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Revolution in Our Time: The Black Panther Party’s Promise to the People

Revolution in Our Time: The Black Panther Party’s Promise to the People
Title Revolution in Our Time: The Black Panther Party’s Promise to the People PDF eBook
Author Kekla Magoon
Publisher Candlewick Press
Pages 401
Release 2021-11-08
Genre History
ISBN 1536214183

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The Panthers' march on the California capitol on May 2, 1967, marked a significant turning point-the moment when the Black Panthers' posture of armed self defense became a matter of national awareness. This new militancy rolled across the American landscape like an earthquake, trembling the foundation of the republic. On the surface, such an earthquake seems quite sudden. It catches people off guard. The ground begins to roll, and it is all too easy to lose footing. Solid things, things designed to be immovable, tilt suddenly, casting all confidence askew. In moments of nervousness and fear, when the ground is shaking and it feels as if the world might come crashing down, sometimes people forget that earthquakes are, in fact, not sudden. Nor do serious political movements arise in one fell swoop. Nothing happens overnight. The major turning points of history are seismic, born of eons of slightly shifting geologic plates. They do not emerge from nowhere. They are born of deep unrest. Book jacket.