The Blue Roses of Texas
Title The Blue Roses of Texas PDF eBook
Author Makayla Durfey
Publisher AuthorHouse
Pages 252
Release 2011-07-08
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1463405634

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Riley Tomlinson has been through hell and worst of all, lived to tell the story. When she returned to England with wretched news of her dear brother Jack, she learns that she and her mother will be going to Texas to visit her Uncle for the summer. Little did she know, there were quite a few people expecting her arrivalA dark stranger, a mysterious murderer, a secret that is dangerous to everyones welfare if found in the wrong hands, and a treacherous man who is set on revenge. Now with no one but her to run the family ranch, Riley must struggle to save the ranch, protect whats left of her family, and protect her own heart that she so carefully kept hidden from suitors for so long. Follow Rileys story filled with surprises, betrayal, happiness, tears, learning to heal from a desolate past, and how she learned to love again. Can she survive this torrent on her fragile heart long enough to find that fairy-tale ending she always had longed for?

The Blue Rose
Title The Blue Rose PDF eBook
Author Anthony Eglin
Publisher Minotaur Books
Pages 324
Release 2010-04-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1429903937

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Alex and Kate Sheppard have found the perfect house; the home they had always dreamed of owning. Nestled deep in the Wiltshire countryside and surrounded by a two-acre walled garden, The Parsonage was to be their own little paradise . . . but nothing stays perfect forever. Soon after moving in they make an impossibly exciting discovery---one that defies every known law of nature and science. They find a blue rose bush flourishing in their walled garden. But as word of their discovery leaks out, the Sheppard's peaceful existence is shattered and they find themselves plunged into a world of coded journals, genetic experiments, cold-blooded greed, and, ultimately, murder. Threatened from every direction, with no one to trust but themselves and Lawrence Kingston, a gardening expert to whom they have revealed their exciting secret---the only way they can save their lives is to unravel the dark, seductive secret of the Blue Rose.

The Blue Rose Fairy Book
Title The Blue Rose Fairy Book PDF eBook
Author Maurice Baring
Publisher DigiCat
Pages 123
Release 2022-08-10
Genre Fiction

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This is a collection of fairy tales adapted from Greek and Russian legends. The writer combined brilliant imagery with wonderfully crafted language. On top of it, the fascinating characters and stories make this an enjoyable read.

THE BLUE ROSE FAIRY BOOK - 12 magical fairy tales for children
Title THE BLUE ROSE FAIRY BOOK - 12 magical fairy tales for children PDF eBook
Author Maurice Baring
Publisher Abela Publishing Ltd
Pages 161
Release 2020-03-17
Genre Fiction
ISBN 8834168429

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The BLUE ROSE FAIRY BOOK, part compiled and part written by Maurice Baring, contains 12 children’s fairy tales. These are: The Glass Mender The Blue Rose The Story Of Vox Angelica And Lieblich Gedacht The Vagabond The Minstrel The Hunchback, The Pool, And The Magic Ring The Silver Mountain The Ring The Merchant's Daughter The Cunning Apprentice Orestes And The Dragon, and, The Wise Princess The stories are further brought to life by the 12 full-page colour illustrations by an unknown artist. But why The Blue Rose Fairy Book? In nature there is natural absence of blue roses. They have come to symbolise mystery and a longing to attain the impossible, with some cultures going so far as to say that the holder of a blue rose will have his wishes granted. And so, we have a book full of magical stories of Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, dragons, gypsies and much, much more. Don’t be surprised that when you have finished reading your young ones a story from this magical book that you feel a small tug at your sleeve with a request for “nutther please…?” 10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be given to charities. ============== KEYWORDS/TAGS: Blue Rose Fairy Book, Angelica, beautiful, bedtime stories, beggar, castle, childrens books, childrens stories, Cornet, cottage, country, d'Amore, Daphne, daughter, disappeared, dragon, Elfrida, Elsa, Emerald, expectant mothers, fables, face, fairy tales, fisherman, flowers, folklore, forest, Frantz, Lieblich Gedacht, Golden, Hautboy, Heartsease, horse, hunchback, huntsmen, India, island, Ivan the King's Son, Johan, King, kingdom, legends, lovely, married, merchant, minstrel, money, mother, Mountain, mothers with children, mothers to be, myths, nobody, Orestes, palace, parents with children, parents to be, pipe, pool, Prince, Princess, Queen, quest, Quint, Rainbow, Ring, Rose, sea, Silver, Simple Simon, sang, sisters, Snowflower, Song, Spring, strange, storyteller, sun, Sweetbriar, trees, vagabonds, village, Vox, wedding, white, wicked, wise, Windflower, wizard, woods, world

Eliza and the Blue Rose
Title Eliza and the Blue Rose PDF eBook
Author Dawn Eagle
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Pages 278
Release 2012-03-21
Genre Fiction
ISBN 146915725X

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Liverpool in 1865 is a cold miserable place for Eliza, a young mother, who has nowhere to live and finds it impossible to earn a living, so she takes drastic measures merely to survive. When she meets Maude who offers her the opportunity to travel to Sydney, Australia, she accepts and sets out on an exciting new adventure on the high seas. Does she settle in this strange new land, and will she find love and establish a home and family? Follow Elizas journey as she matures and learns to make a new life for herself, finding satisfaction in her roses.

Melchizedek's Order of the Blue Rose
Title Melchizedek's Order of the Blue Rose PDF eBook
Author Suzie Addicks
Publisher AuthorHouse
Pages 58
Release 2011
ISBN 1456718460

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This book contains mantras and meditations, along with visuals to help heal the heart with love, compassion and appreciation of who we all are as one in creation. Thought, words and visuals can and do heal the individual. Suzie teaches that in healing yourself; you will heal all that is around you. The intentions of this book are to help the reader find their own truth in who they really are, as we all are, as a being of great love and compassion coming from the Divine Love and Light of God.

Barn Wood and Blue Roses
Title Barn Wood and Blue Roses PDF eBook
Author Jacquelyn Priskorn
Publisher Stage Partners
Pages 30
Release 2022-06-18
Genre Drama

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When Devon learns that her best friend Chelsea has cystic fibrosis, she creates a fantasy world for the two of them to live in. They live in their new imaginative world as L'Sea, a woman who becomes a dragon twice a day, and D'Nova, renowned artisan of comical barn wood signs and a magician's apprentice. But Devon has kept her own secret, too. And it is about to bring their whole fantasy world crashing down around them. Chapter Select - International Thespian Festival 2022 Drama One-act. 30-40 minutes 6 actors