The Fight for Freedom
Title The Fight for Freedom PDF eBook
Pages 4
Release 1941
Genre Liberty

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German-speaking Exiles in Great Britain
Title German-speaking Exiles in Great Britain PDF eBook
Author J. M. Ritchie
Publisher Rodopi
Pages 212
Release 2001
Genre Austrians
ISBN 9789042015371

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From the contents: Charmian BRINSON: Autobiography in exile: the reflections of women refugees from Nazism in British exile, 1933-1945. - Alexander STEPHAN: Hetz- und Greuelpropaganda. Die Uberwachung der deutschen Exilschriftsteller in Grossbritannien durch das Auswartige Amt. - Jorg THUNECKE: Die Isle of Man-Lagerzeitungen The Camp und The Onchan Pioneer: Kultur im Ausnahmezustand."

The fight against the UFO-deniers
Title The fight against the UFO-deniers PDF eBook
Author Jakob Munck
Publisher BoD – Books on Demand
Pages 50
Release 2015-07-20
Genre Fiction
ISBN 8771707417

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This story is about a very mean civilization. People who do not think like the others, are exposed to persecution because they are considered to be a threat to the moral harmony and the national mythology. The rulers of this daemonic society has invented the the UFO-religion and everyone are forced to obay the idears of this religion. There is a lot of money to be earned when you are a priest in the UFO-religion, so the ruling class do not like, when it is criticized. Therefore the people who critizise this religion are fired from their job and put to jail. If this is not enough, they are killed.

Our War Too
Title Our War Too PDF eBook
Author Margaret Paton-Walsh
Pages 256
Release 2002
Genre History

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In the late 1930s, a number of American women—especially those allied with various peace and isolationist groups—protested against the nation's entry into World War II. While their story is fairly well known, Margaret Paton-Walsh reveals a far less familiar story of women who fervently felt that American intervention was absolutely necessary. Paton-Walsh recounts how the United States became involved in the war, but does so through the eyes of American women who faced it as a necessary evil. Covering the period between 1935 and 1941, she examines how these women functioned as political actors-even though they were excluded from positions of power-through activism in women's organizations, informal women's networks, and even male-dominated lobbying groups. In the "Great Debate" over whether America should enter the war, some women favored aid to the Allies not because they hoped for war but because they hoped aid would forestall more direct U.S. involvement-but also because they believed war was preferable to a Nazi victory. Paton-Walsh shows that this activism involved some of the most prominent women of their day. Elizabeth Cutter Morrow-whose son-in-law, Charles Lindbergh, was an isolationist spokesman-supported the revision of the Neutrality Acts to allow the sale of arms to the Allies and expressed her support in a national radio broadcast. Soon other women joined this debate: Esther Brunauer of the AAUW, journalist Dorothy Thompson, and organizations like the League of Women Voters and National Women's Trade Union League broke from the pacifist tradition to advocate American aid for the Allied cause. Focusing on the conflict in Europe, Paton-Walsh shows how these women grasped the implications of the Lend-Lease program for America's entry into the war but supported it nevertheless. By late 1941, the Women's Division of the Fight for Freedom Committee had been established; no longer merely advocating aid to Britain to keep American boys out of battle, this organization supported direct American involvement in the war as a means of stopping Nazi oppression. While most historians have focused on women's pacifism, Paton-Walsh connects women more directly to world events and shows how those interventionists reformulated maternalist ideas to justify and explain their beliefs. Our War Too is a story of American women trying to reconcile the irreconcilable, to preserve both their principles and their peace. It expands our understanding of women as political actors and thinkers about foreign policy as it sheds new light on American public opinion over the build-up to the war.

NAACP Youth and the Fight for Black Freedom, 1936–1965
Title NAACP Youth and the Fight for Black Freedom, 1936–1965 PDF eBook
Author Thomas Bynum
Publisher Univ. of Tennessee Press
Pages 304
Release 2013-08-30
Genre History
ISBN 1572339829

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“This book is very important in the wider context of related scholarship in the modern-day civil rights movement because it will be the first on the youth perspective in the NAACP. . . . I believe that it will be widely used by scholars and the general public.”—Linda Reed, author of Simple Decency and Common Sense: The Southern Conference Movement, 1938-1963 “A recent trend in the historiography of the civil rights movement is the increased understanding of the role that young people played in the right for equality. . . . Bynum has filled a gap in the civil rights literature in this short book.” —Choice Historical studies of black youth activism have until now focused almost exclusively on the activities of the Congress Racial Equality (CORE) and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). However, the NAACP youth councils and college chapters predate both of those organizations. Thomas Bynum carefully examines the activism of the NAACP youth and effectively refutes the perception of the NAACP as working strictly through the courts. His research illuminates the many direct-action activities undertaken by the young people of the NAACP—activities that helped precipitate the breakdown of racial discrimination and segregation in America. He also explores the evolution of the youth councils and college chapters, including their sometime rocky relationship with the national office, and captures the successes, failures, and challenges the NAACP youth groups experiences at the national, state, and local levels. Thomas Bynum is an assistant professor of history at Middle Tennessee State University.

Governmental Control of Tin Production in the U.S.
Title Governmental Control of Tin Production in the U.S. PDF eBook
Author United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Armed Services
Pages 146
Release 1948
Genre Smelting

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Considers extension of Federal control of tin smelting plant at Texas City, Tex.

The Fight for Freedom
Title The Fight for Freedom PDF eBook
Author Ferrar Marcus
Pages 302
Release 2016-03-15
Genre Art
ISBN 9781909979246

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This moving narrative recounts the exploits of leaders such as Spartacus, Boadicea, Lincoln and Gandhi, through to heroes of the modern age. Despite setbacks and controversies, the fight for freedom is a heart-warming story of human endeavour that has enriched mankind.