The Gift of Rain
Title The Gift of Rain PDF eBook
Author Tan Twan Eng
Pages 456
Release 2007
Genre Fiction

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Penang, 1939. Sixteen-year-old Philip Hutton is a loner. Half English, half Chinese and feeling neither, he discovers a sense of belonging in an unexpected friendship with Hayato Endo, a Japanese diplomat. Philip shows his new friend around his adored island of Penang, and in return Endo trains him in the art and discipline of aikido. But such knowledge comes at a terrible price. The enigmatic Endo is bound by disciplines of his own and when the Japanese invade Malaya, threatening to destroy Philip¿s family and everything he loves, he realises that his trusted sensei, to whom he owes absolute loyalty, has been harbouring a devastating secret. Philip must risk everything in an attempt to save those he has placed in mortal danger and discover who and what he really is. With masterful and gorgeous narrative, replete with exotic and captivating images, sounds and aromas of rain swept beaches, magical mountain temples, pungent spice warehouses, opulent colonial ballrooms and fetid and forbidding rainforests. Tan Twan Eng weaves a haunting and unforgettable story of betrayal, barbaric cruelty, steadfast courage and enduring love.

The Gift of Rain
Title The Gift of Rain PDF eBook
Author Tan Twan Eng
Publisher Canongate Books
Pages 424
Release 2022-02-03
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1838858350

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LONGLISTED FOR THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE Penang, 1939. Being half Chinese and half English, Philip Hutton always felt like he never belonged. That is until he befriends Hayato Endo, a mysterious Japanese diplomat and master in the art of aikido. But when Japan invades Malaya, Philip realises Endo bears a secret, one powerful enough to jeopardise everything he loves. This masterful début conjures an unforgettable tale of courage, brutality, loyalty, deceit and love.

On Zion
Title On Zion PDF eBook
Author Martin Buber
Publisher Syracuse University Press
Pages 196
Release 1997-08-01
Genre Political Science
ISBN 9780815604822

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Martin Buber's writings on Zion and Zionism go back to the early years of this century. To him, Zion was not primarily a political issue. Zionism implies a reorientation of the entire being, an overcoming of a Diaspora mentality, a catharsis, and a readiness to build in the land of Israel a new, just, free, and creative community.

Bible Knowledge Commentary: Old Testament
Title Bible Knowledge Commentary: Old Testament PDF eBook
Author John F. Walvoord
Publisher David C Cook
Pages 1608
Release 1985-07
Genre Religion
ISBN 9780882078137

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"The Bible Knowledge Commentary" answers questions about the Scriptures, discussing all the Bible verse by verse and often phrase by phrase. In addition, maps, charts, and diagrams help readers grasp the meanings of the biblical text.

Passage to the Center
Title Passage to the Center PDF eBook
Author Daniel Eugene Tobin
Publisher University Press of Kentucky
Pages 356
Release 1991
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 9780813133423

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All Mine!
Title All Mine! PDF eBook
Author Stephen Owen
Publisher Columbia University Press
Pages 120
Release 2021-12-14
Genre History
ISBN 0231554877

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Under the Song Dynasty, China experienced rapid commercial growth and monetization of the economy. In the same period, the austere ethical turn that led to neo-Confucianism was becoming increasingly prevalent in the imperial bureaucracy and literati culture. Tracing the influences of these trends in Chinese intellectual history, All Mine! explores the varied ways in which eleventh-century writers worked through the conflicting values of this new world. Stephen Owen contends that in the new money economy of the Song, writers became preoccupied with the question of whether material things can bring happiness. Key thinkers returned to this problem, weighing the conflicting influences of worldly possessions and material comfort against Confucian ideology, which locates true contentment in the Way and disdains attachment to things. In a series of essays, Owen examines the works of writers such as the prose master Ouyang Xiu, who asked whether tranquility could be found in the backwater to which he had been exiled; the poet and essayist Su Dongpo, who was put on trial for slandering the emperor; and the historian Sima Guang, whose private garden elicited reflections on private ownership. Through strikingly original readings of major eleventh-century figures, All Mine! inquires not only into the material conditions of happiness but also the broader conditions of knowledge.

Malaysian Literature in English
Title Malaysian Literature in English PDF eBook
Author Mohammad A. Quayum
Publisher Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Pages 293
Release 2020-05-15
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 1527551989

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This collection of essays brings together work by some of the most internationally acclaimed critics of Malaysian literature in English from different parts of the world, including Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the US. It investigates the works of major writers of the tradition in the genres of drama, fiction and poetry, from its beginnings to the present, focusing mainly on thematic and stylistic trends. The book pays particular attention to issues such as gender, ethnicity, nationalism, multiculturalism, diaspora, hybridity and transnationalism, which are central to the creativity and imagination of these writers. The chapters collectively address the challenges and achievements of writers in the English language in a country where English, first introduced by the colonisers, has experienced a mixed fate of ups and downs in the post-independence period, due to the changing, and sometimes strikingly different, policies adopted by the government. The book will be of interest to readers and researchers of Malaysian literature, Southeast Asian studies and postcolonial literatures.