The Grand Idea
Title The Grand Idea PDF eBook
Author Joel Achenbach
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 414
Release 2004
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9780684848570

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Looking down upon the Potomac from his verandah at Mount Vernon, recently retired General George Washington imagined a route through the mountains to the vastness of the West. He was wrong about the river, but not about his country's destiny.

The Big Idea
Title The Big Idea PDF eBook
Author Donny Deutsch
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 226
Release 2009-01-01
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1401395279

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It's the moment when you say, "There's gotta be a better way." It's the moment when you ask, "How can I solve this problem?" Donny Deutsch's hit CNBC show The Big Idea has put the spotlight on that ordinary moment and the people who have the courage and stamina to make their dreams come true. Some people think a big idea is like a lightning bolt striking out of the blue that slams you in the head. But it's hardly ever like that. The big idea isn't an act of God. It's an act of daily life. Simply put, the idea that will make millions starts with an observation. A carpenter gets tired of almost losing a finger every time he slices a bagel. Bam! The Bagel Guillotine. A mother is frustrated that her pantry is full of stale food because the packages don't close. Bam! Quick Seals. Howard Schultz notices on a trip to Italy that there are coffee bars on almost every corner. Bam! Starbucks. None of them had a barrel of cash. None of them had a ton of experience. They had a big idea and the will to follow through. In The Big Idea, Deutsch draws not only on his own tremendous focus and expertise, but on that of dozens of the successful entrepreneurs whom he has interviewed, to help you create your own enterprise. From the "Gut Check Moment" to "Mom Power," The Big Idea takes aspiring entrepreneurs along every step of the way. The Big Idea is your road map to the American dream.

The Big Idea
Title The Big Idea PDF eBook
Author Robert Jones
Publisher Profile Books
Pages 224
Release 2011-05-26
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1847656943

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Today's marketplace is a war of ideas. Unless you stand for something you won't stand out. Nowadays anyone can copy your product, or even your business model. What they can't copy is your worldview, your attitude, your special way of doing things. So the war in the marketplace will be a war of ideas. The Big Idea maps this new territory and shows how big ideas make great companies. Unlike business models or the catchphrases of management gurus, a big idea is emotional. And unlike corporate ideologies, vision or brand, it is shared between customers and employees alike. Companies who have distinguished themselves with a big idea include: Virgin (not British Airways) John Lewis (not Debenhams) Apple (not IBM) Ikea (not MFI) Orange (not Cellnet) Customers don't just buy from these companies, they buy into them - they choose them not through economic logic, but emotional logic. As products and services become more and more similar, emotional logic will become the single most important business driver. The benefits of appealing to it can already be seen: Orange has a much lower turnover of customers than Cellnet and Ikea operates in over 23 countries while MFI only does business in Britain. A big idea isn't just a cute thing to have: it's the spark that makes places thrive while others just exist.

The Big Idea of Biblical Preaching
Title The Big Idea of Biblical Preaching PDF eBook
Author Keith Willhite
Publisher Baker Books
Pages 182
Release 2003-02-01
Genre Religion
ISBN 1585585912

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Since 1980, Haddon Robinson has influenced generations of students and preachers through his widely used classic text, Biblical Preaching, in which he shows preachers how to communicate the Bible's big ideas with precision. But does Robinson's "big idea" approach to expository preaching still work in today's diverse cultures and fast-paced world? The Big Idea of Biblical Preaching, now in paperback, presents a strong defense of the ongoing relevance of this approach to expository preaching. An experienced and skilled group of contributors to this volume includes: Paul Borden, Scott M. Gibson, Duane Litfin, Terry Mattingly, John Reed, Bruce L. Shelley, Donald R. Sunukjian, Joseph M. Stowell III, Bruce K. Waltke, Scott Wenig, and Keith Willhite. This volume is written not only for the current generation of students but also for today's preachers, who will find in the pages of this book a powerful approach to expository preaching.

What's the Big Idea?
Title What's the Big Idea? PDF eBook
Author Thomas H. Davenport
Publisher Harvard Business Press
Pages 264
Release 2003
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 9781578519316

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Explores where new ideas come from, how to evaluate which ideas are worth pursuing, and how to customize ideas to suit and organization's unique needs.

Leadership's Big Idea
Title Leadership's Big Idea PDF eBook
Author Johnstone Kayandabila MD MBA
Publisher AuthorHouse
Pages 258
Release 2016-11-11
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1524608874

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Leaderships Big Idea is a treasure map and masterpiece, a must-read for anyone leading in the 21st Century. Pro. John F. Shao MD, Msc, Ph.D. Former Vice Chancellor of Tumaini University & Executive Director of Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center.

What's the BIG Idea?
Title What's the BIG Idea? PDF eBook
Author Vicki Cobb
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 208
Release 2013-09-01
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 1626365008

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Why don't we feel the Earth move? Why does an ice cube float? Why can't you unscramble an egg? Why can't we live forever? These are all questions that a curious kid might ask. In What's the BIG Idea?, renowned juvenile science educator Vicki Cobb answers these and other fascinating questions to help kids learn more about the world through the wonders of science. A big idea is one that has no simple or easy answer, and there are four big ideas in this book: motion, energy, matter, and life. The motion of nonliving objects—rolling balls, falling stones, the moon and stars—seems so ordinary and familiar that most people take it for granted. Matter, on the other hand, comes in so many different forms—solids, liquids, gases, metals, nonmetals, living material—that it is hard to imagine anything that all matter has in common. Energy is an idea that is in the news just about every day, yet most people couldn't tell you what the big idea of energy is. And life—what life is—seems mind-boggling and infinitely complicated. How do we bend our brains around it? Scientists learn by asking questions. And this book, now in paperback, is designed to make young readers stop and think about each of the questions before reading what scientists have learned that answers each question. They'll be able to do simple things to see for themselves, and they will build their own scientific knowledge in the process. By the time they've finished this book, they'll get the big picture of what science is all about.