The Grid
Title The Grid PDF eBook
Author Phillip F. Schewe
Publisher National Academies Press
Pages 318
Release 2007-02-20
Genre Science
ISBN 0309133890

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The electrical grid goes everywhere-it's the largest and most complex machine ever made. Yet the system is built in such a way that the bigger it gets, the more inevitable its collapse. Named the greatest engineering achievement of the 20th century by the National Academy of Engineering, the electrical grid is the largest industrial investment in the history of humankind. It reaches into your home, snakes its way to your bedroom, and climbs right up into the lamp next to your pillow. At times, it almost seems alive, like some enormous circulatory system that pumps life to big cities and the most remote rural areas. Constructed of intricately interdependent components, the grid operates on a rapidly shrinking margin for error. Things can-and do-go wrong in this system, no matter how many preventive steps we take. Just look at the colossal 2003 blackout, when 50 million Americans lost power due to a simple error at a power plant in Ohio; or the one a month later, which blacked out 57 million Italians. And these two combined don't even compare to the 2001 outage in India, which affected 226 million people. The Grid is the first history of the electrical grid intended for general readers, and it comes at a time when we badly need such a guide. As we get more and more dependent on electricity to perform even the most mundane daily tasks, the grid's inevitable shortcomings will take a toll on populations around the globe. At a moment when energy issues loom large on the nation's agenda and our hunger for electricity grows, The Grid is as timely as it is compelling.

Climate Change Policy in North America
Title Climate Change Policy in North America PDF eBook
Author Neil Craik
Publisher University of Toronto Press
Pages 393
Release 2013-01-01
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1442614587

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Climate Change Policy in North America is the first book to examine how cooperation respecting climate change can emerge within decentralized governance arrangements.

The Grid
Title The Grid PDF eBook
Author Julie A Cohn
Publisher MIT Press
Pages 336
Release 2018-02-02
Genre Technology & Engineering
ISBN 0262343797

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The history of the grid, the world's largest interconnected power machine that is North America's electricity infrastructure. The North American power grid has been called the world's largest machine. The grid connects nearly every living soul on the continent; Americans rely utterly on the miracle of electrification. In this book, Julie Cohn tells the history of the grid, from early linkages in the 1890s through the grid's maturity as a networked infrastructure in the 1980s. She focuses on the strategies and technologies used to control power on the grid—in fact made up of four major networks of interconnected power systems—paying particular attention to the work of engineers and system operators who handled the everyday operations. To do so, she consulted sources that range from the pages of historical trade journals to corporate archives to the papers of her father, Nathan Cohn, who worked in the industry from 1927 to 1989—roughly the period of key power control innovations across North America. Cohn investigates major challenges and major breakthroughs but also the hidden aspects of our electricity infrastructure, both technical and human. She describes the origins of the grid and the growth of interconnection; emerging control issues, including difficulties in matching generation and demand on linked systems; collaboration and competition against the backdrop of economic depression and government infrastructure investment; the effects of World War II on electrification; postwar plans for a coast-to-coast grid; the northeast blackout of 1965 and the East-West closure of 1967; and renewed efforts at achieving stability and reliability after those two events.

Fighting Political Gridlock
Title Fighting Political Gridlock PDF eBook
Author David J. Toscano
Publisher University of Virginia Press
Pages 359
Release 2021-09-07
Genre Political Science
ISBN 0813946476

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In this profoundly polarized era, the nation has been transfixed on the politics of Washington and its seemingly impenetrable gridlock. Many of the decisions that truly affect people’s lives, however, are being made not on the federal level but in the states. Faced with Washington’s political standoff, state governments are taking action on numerous vital issues, often impacting citizens and their communities far more than the decision makers in D.C. Despite this, few Americans really understand their state governments or the issues they address. In Fighting Political Gridlock, David Toscano reveals how the states are working around the impasse in Washington and how their work is increasingly shaping society. Long a central figure in one of the most important legislative bodies in the nation, the Virginia House of Delegates, Toscano brings a unique expertise to this urgent and timely discussion. Beginning with an analysis of state responses to COVID-19, including the processes and consequences of declaring states of emergency, he goes on to detail how various states are attacking issues in different ways–from education and voting to criminal justice and climate change–and provides a broad overview of how state actions affect our system of federalism. Toscano concludes with a call to action and civic engagement, including suggestions for how citizens and public officials can revitalize American democracy.

Smart Grid
Title Smart Grid PDF eBook
Author Stan Mark Kaplan
Publisher The Capitol Net Inc
Pages 644
Release 2009
Genre Technology & Engineering
ISBN 1587331624

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This resource describes the thought behind a smart-grid system and the move away from a centralized, producer-controlled network to one that is less centralized and more consumer-interactive.

Telecommunication Networks for the Smart Grid
Title Telecommunication Networks for the Smart Grid PDF eBook
Author Alberto Sendin
Publisher Artech House
Pages 361
Release 2016-07-31
Genre Technology & Engineering
ISBN 1630813737

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This comprehensive new resource demonstrates how to build smart grids utilizing the latest telecommunications technologies. Readers find practical coverage of PLC and wireless for smart grid and are given concise excerpts of the different technologies, networks, and services around it. Design and planning guidelines are shown through the combination of electricity grid and telecommunications technologies that support the reliability, performance and security requirements needed in smart grid applications. This book covers a wide range of critical topics, including telecommunications for power engineers, power engineering for telecommunications engineers, utility applications projecting in smart grids, technologies for smart grid networks, and telecommunications architecture. This practical reference is supported with in-depth case studies.

Sinews of Power
Title Sinews of Power PDF eBook
Author Yi-Chong Xu
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 361
Release 2017
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 0190279524

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Politics of the State Grid Corporation of China -- Electricity -- From the ministry to a corporation -- Overseeing SGCC: the contested regimes of central agencies -- State Grid Corporation of China -- SGCC in action: as a policy entrepreneur -- SGCC in action: as technology innovator -- SGCC in action: internationalisation