The Lucky Sovereign

The Lucky Sovereign
Title The Lucky Sovereign PDF eBook
Author Stewart Lees
Pages 32
Release 2003-02-01
Genre Children's stories
ISBN 9780711218574

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Sam and his father are full of excitement as they join the colonists setting out from King's Lynn to the new colony of Jamestown in the New World. Along with the other colonists on the Treasurer, Sam has to survive poor rations, seasickness and perilous storms. But one night, disobeying captain's orders, he catches sight of a sinister-looking seaman crouching over his father's sleeping form. Next day, his father discovers that that his bag of sovereigns has gone. But when they make a formal complaint to the captain, who is to be believed - a young boy like Sam, or the seaman Flint? Stewart Lees' story and realistic artwork perfectly capture the atmosphere of life on a 17th- century colonists' voyage and will enthral young readers interested in the past.

The Beast and the Sovereign, Volume II

The Beast and the Sovereign, Volume II
Title The Beast and the Sovereign, Volume II PDF eBook
Author Jacques Derrida
Publisher University of Chicago Press
Pages 316
Release 2017-02-02
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 022647853X

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Following on from The Beast and the Sovereign, Volume I, this book extends Jacques Derrida’s exploration of the connections between animality and sovereignty. In this second year of the seminar, originally presented in 2002–2003 as the last course he would give before his death, Derrida focuses on two markedly different texts: Heidegger’s 1929–1930 course The Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics, and Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. As he moves back and forth between the two works, Derrida pursuesthe relations between solitude, insularity, world, violence, boredom and death as they supposedly affect humans and animals in different ways. Hitherto unnoticed or underappreciated aspects of Robinson Crusoe are brought out in strikingly original readings of questions such as Crusoe’s belief in ghosts, his learning to pray, his parrot Poll, and his reinvention of the wheel. Crusoe’s terror of being buried alive or swallowed alive by beasts or cannibals gives rise to a rich and provocative reflection on death, burial, and cremation, in part provoked by a meditation on the death of Derrida’s friend Maurice Blanchot. Throughout, these readings are juxtaposed with interpretations of Heidegger's concepts of world and finitude to produce a distinctively Derridean account that will continue to surprise his readers.

Global Issues beyond Sovereignty

Global Issues beyond Sovereignty
Title Global Issues beyond Sovereignty PDF eBook
Author Maryann Cusimano Love
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 539
Release 2019-10-07
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1538117355

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Other Global Issues books are a rather eclectic mash up of topics, headlines du jour, with an "and now this!" organizational scheme. The "hot" topics may have cooled by press time, and the presentation to students is disjointed, not clear. The approach is often a "scare 'em and leave 'em" presentation of a global horror show of problems, without clear arguments about the connections among the issues, or integrated discussions of solutions. In contrast, Global Issues Beyond Sovereignty provides a thesis and a common narrative throughout the "issue" chapters. The range of responses to manage global issues are compared and discussed throughout. Global problems move at internet speed; governments do not move so quickly. This creates gaps in what citizens expect the state to do, and what countries have the capacities to do. This paradox is a problem not only for weak or failing states; even the strongest states in the system struggle in how to effectively respond to global issues, from cybersecurity to environmental toxins. States cannot solve or manage trans-sovereign issues alone. The power of the private sector is growing (both legal and illegal, for profit and non-profit), while state power is flat or in some places declining. While private sector actors have means to impact transnational issues, they do not have a public mandate to do so. Countries increasingly must learn how to play well with others; this is easier said than done. Attempts to manage global issues flow through three channels: public sector responses, private sector responses, and mixed public-private partnerships. All three channels are explored throughout the book, uniting the issue chapters in a common discussion of challenges and responses. The conclusion presents lessons learned for theory and practice from managing global issues.

Emperor Sovereign's Doting Foodie

Emperor Sovereign's Doting Foodie
Title Emperor Sovereign's Doting Foodie PDF eBook
Author Xue WeiLiang
Publisher Funstory
Pages 963
Release 2020-03-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1648466613

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He was the lofty Regal, cold and heartless, yet he doted on her to the bone. She was a God of Cookery, able to deceive people, kill strong people, go to the hall, go to the kitchen, outstanding to the point of perfection. Yet, her little mouth never stopped eating. Murong Mo: What if my little sister who is a glutton gets taken away by snacks? Online, urgent. Qian Ye Mu Yu: What do I do if I want to let this gluttonous woman eat me? Same as online.

Sovereign Sheriff

Sovereign Sheriff
Title Sovereign Sheriff PDF eBook
Author Cassie Miles
Publisher Harlequin
Pages 232
Release 2011-08-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1459209583

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As sheriff, the law guided his decisions. As a man protecting a princess, his libido seemed to be in control… Sheriff Jake Wolf took pride in two things: his Native American heritage and his adherence to the law. So when Princess Saida Khalid came to him, desperate for answers to an unsolved case, Jake stuck to the facts—and tried not to get distracted by what he wanted. But ignoring Saida's gorgeous features and whip-smart mind were nearly impossible, especially when she claimed he was the only person who could keep her safe. Jake had every intention of maintaining a professional distance…even though he ached to hold her and promise everything would be okay. But remaining alert had to be his priority. And one touch would never be enough.


Title Sovereign PDF eBook
Author C. J. Sansom
Publisher Penguin
Pages 608
Release 2008-02-26
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1101221305

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Awarded the CWA Diamond Dagger – the highest honor in British crime writing The third Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery by C. J. Sansom, the bestselling author of Winter in Madrid and Dominion C. J . Sansom has garnered a wider audience and increased critical praise with each new novel published. His first book in the Matthew Shardlake series, Dissolution, was selected by P. D. James in The Wall Street Journal as one of her top five all-time favorite books. Now in Sovereign, Shardlake faces the most terrifying threat in the age of Tudor England: imprisonment int he Tower of London. Shardlake and his loyal assistant, Jack Barak, find themselves embroiled in royal intrigue when a plot against King Henry VIII is uncovered in York and a dangerous conspirator they've been charged with transporting to London is connected to the death of a local glazer.

Almighty Conceited Sovereign

Almighty Conceited Sovereign
Title Almighty Conceited Sovereign PDF eBook
Author Wu YueChuBa
Publisher Funstory
Pages 1340
Release 2019-12-07
Genre Fiction
ISBN 164767686X

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Fang Shao Bai was betrayed by a slave and framed and dropped into the abyss. Everyone thought he was dead. He didn't except that he fell on a huge snowdrop.This is a magical snowdrop. Not only defeating two huge monsters easily for him, it but slao helped Fang Shaobai strengthen his physique, which greatly improved his cultivation. Thinking getting this snow lotus was lucky enough, he did not expect that there would be more amazing adventures waiting for him in the future ...☆About the Author☆On the eighth of May, a well-known online novelist, he has authored many novels, of which Almighty Conceited Sovereign has received more attention, and most readers have given this book a high score.