The Myth of Laziness

The Myth of Laziness
Title The Myth of Laziness PDF eBook
Author Mel Levine
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 292
Release 2004-01-02
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 9780743213684

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The author of the #1 "New York Times" bestseller, "A Mind at a Time," explains the causes of low productivity and shows how to recognize these problems and overcome them in children and adults.

The Myth Of Laziness

The Myth Of Laziness
Title The Myth Of Laziness PDF eBook
Author Mel Levine
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 288
Release 2012-12-11
Genre Family & Relationships
ISBN 1471108538

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One of the most common complaints parents hear is that their child has great potential but is lazy. In the workplace one hears that a colleague is brilliant but just can't seem to deliver on time. Dr Levine believes that in reality very few people are truly lazy. Nearly all 'lazy' children and unproductive adults are in fact suffering from some sort of 'output failure,' that is, some problem of the mind that inhibits their productivity, despite their good intentions. In this book Dr Levine draws heavily on his years of clinical experience to construct the stories of representative children and adults who failed to be productive for the most common reasons. Too often we focus only on failure but people benefit enormously from recognition of their successes. In explaining outside or environmental factors that can affect productivity, Dr Levine points to the role of parents as well as teachers in identifying a child's weaknesses and nurturing the capacity to deliver, with such practical suggestions as describing the ideal study environment for a child. Whether the problem is manifested in motor breakdown, memory shortfall, verbal problems, lack of mental energy or underlying disorganization, Dr Levine provides a workable solution and dismisses the 'lazy' label.

The Laziness Myth

The Laziness Myth
Title The Laziness Myth PDF eBook
Author Christine Jeske
Publisher ILR Press
Pages 246
Release 2020
Genre Blacks
ISBN 9781501752513

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"We want to live a good life" : Introduction -- "They don't want to work": The Laziness Myth -- "You can't understand it" : Employers' Perspectives of the Unemployed -- "I need to respect that person and that person needs to respect me" : The Respect Narrative -- "Hustling is when you try to make a good life" : The Hustling Narrative -- "I'm just a laborer" : The Laborer Narrative -- "I have a good story" : Possibilities -- "Despite the contradictions" : Closing Thoughts.

The Lazy Person's Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

The Lazy Person's Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle
Title The Lazy Person's Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle PDF eBook
Author Shu Chen Hou
Pages 89
Genre Health & Fitness

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Are you tired of all the complicated and time-consuming methods to achieve a healthy lifestyle? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the fitness gurus and their intense workout routines? Well, it's time to embrace your lazy side and discover a whole new approach to wellness with "The Lazy Person's Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle.” In this groundbreaking guide, we debunk the myth that laziness and health are contradictory. We'll show you how you can achieve a healthy lifestyle with minimal effort. Say goodbye to exhausting workouts and restrictive diets - it's time to work smarter, not harder. Our guide is packed with practical strategies and tips specifically designed for lazy achievers like you. We'll help you set realistic and achievable goals, break them down into manageable steps, and provide you with strategies to effortlessly incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine. Forget about spending hours in the kitchen. We'll simplify meal planning and provide you with quick and easy recipes that require minimal time and effort. You'll discover how to make nutritious choices without sacrificing taste or convenience. When it comes to fitness, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to grueling workouts and hello to lazy fitness routines. We'll introduce you to low-intensity exercises that target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, so you can get fit without breaking a sweat. And for those busy days, we'll show you how to incorporate movement into your daily activities for an active lifestyle. But we don't stop at physical health. We understand the importance of rest and recovery for your overall well-being. That's why we'll teach you the art of resting and provide strategies for incorporating relaxation into your busy schedule. Get ready to sleep better, reduce stress, and experience profound benefits for your mental and emotional health. And let's not forget about your mindset. We'll explore stress management techniques, mindfulness practices, and strategies for cultivating a positive outlook. Say goodbye to negative self-talk and hello to self-compassion and self-care. "The Lazy Person's Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle" is your go-to resource for achieving optimal health and well-being without sacrificing your lazy nature. It's time to embrace your unique approach to wellness and start living a healthier, happier life with minimal effort. Don't wait any longer. Grab your copy of "The Lazy Person's Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle" and embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier you. Say goodbye to the exhausting and complicated methods of the past and say hello to a new way of achieving wellness - the lazy way. Your health journey starts now!

Myth and Southern History: The Old South

Myth and Southern History: The Old South
Title Myth and Southern History: The Old South PDF eBook
Author Patrick Gerster
Publisher University of Illinois Press
Pages 228
Release 1989
Genre History
ISBN 9780252060243

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Many historical myths are actually false yet psychologically true. The contributors to this volume see myth and reality as complementary elements in the historical record. Myth and Southern History is as much a commentary on southern historiography as it is on the viability of myth in the historical process. Volume 2: The New South offers new perspectives on the North's role in southern mythology, the so-called Savage South, twentieth-century black and white southern women, and the "changes" that distinguish the late twentieth-century South from that of the Civil War era.

Thrift and Its Paradoxes

Thrift and Its Paradoxes
Title Thrift and Its Paradoxes PDF eBook
Author Catherine Alexander
Publisher Berghahn Books
Pages 232
Release 2022-04-08
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1800734638

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Thrift is a central concern for most people, especially in turbulent economic times. It is both an economic and an ethical logic of frugal living, saving and avoiding waste for long-term kin care. These logics echo the ancient ideal of household self-sufficiency, contrasting with capitalism’s wasteful present-focused growth. But thrift now exceeds domestic matters straying across scales to justify public expenditure cuts. Through a wide range of ethnographic contexts this book explores how practices and moralities of thrift are intertwined with austerity, debt, welfare, and patronage across various social and temporal scales and are constantly re-negotiated at the nexus of socio-economic, religious, and kinship ideals and praxis.

Emotions, Everyday Life and Sociology

Emotions, Everyday Life and Sociology
Title Emotions, Everyday Life and Sociology PDF eBook
Author Michael Hviid Jacobsen
Publisher Routledge
Pages 250
Release 2018-07-11
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1351801503

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This volume explores the emotions that are intricately woven into the texture of everyday life and experience. A contribution to the literature on the sociology of emotions, it focuses on the role of emotions as being integral to daily life, broadening our understanding by examining both ‘core’ emotions and those that are often overlooked or omitted from more conventional studies. Bringing together theoretical and empirical studies from scholars across a range of subjects, including sociology, psychology, cultural studies, history, politics and cognitive science, this international collection centres on the ‘everyday-ness’ of emotional experience.