The Phantom Tollbooth
Title The Phantom Tollbooth PDF eBook
Author Norton Juster
Publisher Knopf Books for Young Readers
Pages 290
Release 2011-01-26
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 0375985298

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“Comes up bright and new every time I read it . . . it will continue to charm and delight for a very long time yet.” --Phillip Pullman, New York Times bestselling author of His Dark Materials With almost 5 million copies sold in the 60 years since it was published, generations of readers have journeyed with Milo to the Lands Beyond in this beloved classic. Enriched by Jules Feiffer’s splendid illustrations, the wit, wisdom, and wordplay of Norton Juster’s offbeat fantasy are as beguiling as ever. For Milo, everything’s a bore. When a tollbooth mysteriously appears in his room, he drives through only because he’s got nothing better to do. But on the other side, things seem different. Milo visits the Island of Conclusions (you get there by jumping), learns about time from a ticking watchdog named Tock, and even embarks on a quest to rescue Rhyme and Reason. Somewhere along the way, Milo realizes something astonishing. Life is far from dull. In fact, it’s exciting beyond his wildest dreams!

A Guide for Using The Phantom Tollbooth in the Classroom
Title A Guide for Using The Phantom Tollbooth in the Classroom PDF eBook
Author Kathleen L. Bulloch
Publisher Teacher Created Resources
Pages 50
Release 1994
Genre Education
ISBN 1557344310

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Teaching literature unit based on the popular children's story, The phantom tollbooth.

Author Narayan Changder
Pages 193
Release 2023-11-20
Genre Juvenile Fiction

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Embark on an extraordinary literary adventure through "The Phantom Tollbooth" with "Journeys Beyond Words: The Phantom Tollbooth MCQ Expedition." This captivating collection invites readers to test their knowledge on Norton Juster's timeless classic. Join Milo on a whimsical journey through the Lands Beyond, filled with wordplay, imagination, and the transformative power of curiosity. Key Features: Lands Beyond Lore: Challenge yourself with trivia questions that capture the essence of the Lands Beyond, from Dictionopolis to Digitopolis, exploring the linguistic marvels and fantastical landscapes. Wordplay Wonders: Explore questions that highlight the wordplay wonders of the narrative, from the literalization of idioms to the clever use of language that adds depth and humor to the story. Whimsical Characters: Test your knowledge on the whimsical characters Milo encounters, from Tock the Watchdog to the Mathemagician, unraveling their roles in Milo's quest for wisdom and understanding. Imaginary Adventures: Delve into trivia that celebrates the imaginary adventures Milo undertakes, showcasing the creative genius of Norton Juster and the timeless appeal of his narrative. Author's Inspiration: Learn about Norton Juster's inspiration behind the book, the melding of mathematics and language, and the enduring legacy of "The Phantom Tollbooth" as a literary classic. "Journeys Beyond Words" is not just a trivia book; it's an invitation to rediscover the magic, wit, and intellectual playfulness of "The Phantom Tollbooth." Perfect for fans of the classic, educators, and those who appreciate the transformative power of a well-crafted story. Download your copy now and embark on an expedition into the extraordinary world of Milo and his tollbooth!

Phantom Tollbooth (eBook)
Title Phantom Tollbooth (eBook) PDF eBook
Author Janice K. Rugg-Davis
Publisher Lorenz Educational Press
Pages 44
Release 1994-09-01
ISBN 0787780677

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This teaching unit helps introduce fine literature to students with a wide range of reading abilities. Each teaching unit promotes oral and written language proficiency through discussion questions and writing assignments that develop comprehension, application, synthesis, and evaluation skills. Reproducible pages contain classroom-tested activities that reinforce thinking skills while introducing the concept of analysis through class discussion. Extensive background information is provided for the teacher; students are presented with the elements of fiction, including setting, characterization, plot, point of view, and theme.

The Phantom Tollbooth 50th Anniversary Edition
Title The Phantom Tollbooth 50th Anniversary Edition PDF eBook
Author Norton Juster
Publisher Knopf Books for Young Readers
Pages 290
Release 2011-10-25
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 0375985301

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It has been fifty years—and millions of readers—since the world was first introduced to Milo and his adventures in the Lands Beyond with Tock, the Humbug, and the captive princesses Rhyme and Reason. Now we have a remarkable 50th anniversary edition to honor this universally adored and deeply influential novel. This special edition will include: • Gorgeous packaging that features the classic original art stamped and debossed on the case with a transparent acetate jacket. • Brief essays from esteemed authors, educators, and artists, including Philip Pullman, Suzanne Collins, Jeanne Birdsall, Mo Willems, and several others. • Photos of the author and illustrator at the time of writing and today on the two-color endpapers. • The 35th anniversary essay by Maurice Sendak. • The complete text of the book. A perfect gift for longstanding fans and lucky new readers, the 50th anniversary edition of The Phantom Tollbooth is a book to cherish.

The Phantom Tollbooth - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6
Title The Phantom Tollbooth - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6 PDF eBook
Author Rosella Westcott
Publisher Classroom Complete Press
Pages 60
Release 2016-01-01
Genre Education
ISBN 1771673966

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Meet Milo, a boy with a strong imagination and sense of adventure, as he travels to a fantastical world. Incorporate chapter questions with vocabulary and writing prompts for comprehension checks. Students contemplate who would send Milo the package containing the tollbooth. Predict what Dictionopolis will be like. Answer questions with the correct character from the book. Match idioms found in the story with their meanings. Complete sentences from the novel with their missing vocabulary words. Make a list of unpleasant sounds that Dr. Dischord and DYNNE can collect. Describe how the Dodecahedron felt when Milo said numbers aren't important. Identify all the instances where figurative languages were used in the novel. Complete a Cause & Effect Web with some of Milo's actions in the story. Aligned to your State Standards, additional crossword, word search, comprehension quiz and answer key are also included. About the Novel: The Phantom Tollbooth is a story of imagination and wonder. Milo is a very bored little boy. One day, he receives a make-believe tollbooth. When he goes through it, he is sent to a magical world. There, he meets Tock the watchdog. The pair make their way to Dictionopolis, one of the country's two capitals. Here they meet King Azaz, who sends them on a journey to Digitopolis, where the Mathemagician is holding the two princesses—Rhyme and Reason—in the Castle in the Air. On their journey, Milo and Tock meet many different people and places, all with their own adventures.

The Phantom Tollbooth
Title The Phantom Tollbooth PDF eBook
Author Norton Juster
Publisher Laurel
Pages 0
Release 2003-05
ISBN 9780440238089

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This is the 35th anniversary edition of Juster's ingenious fantasy that introduces young readers to Milo, a bored ten-year-old who comes home to find a large toy tollbooth sitting in his room. Milo drives through the toll booth's gates and begins a memorable journey. Joining forces with the watchdog Tock, he meets the Mathemagician, the not-so-wicked "which", and Faintly Macabre, who tells Milo of his "impossible" mission to return two princesses to the Kingdom of Wisdom. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.