The Rise and Fall of the Second Largest Empire in History

The Rise and Fall of the Second Largest Empire in History
Title The Rise and Fall of the Second Largest Empire in History PDF eBook
Author Thomas J. Craughwell
Publisher Quarto Publishing Group USA
Pages 273
Release 2010-02-01
Genre History
ISBN 1616738510

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How Genghis Khan and the Mongols conquered nearly one-sixth of the planet: “The fascinating story of history’s most misunderstood empire builders.” —Alan Axelrod, bestselling author of Miracle at Belleau Wood Emerging out of the vast steppes of Central Asia in the early 1200s, the Mongols, under their ferocious leader, Genghis Khan, quickly carved out an empire that by the late thirteenth century covered almost one-sixth of the Earth’s landmass—from Eastern Europe to the eastern shore of Asia—and encompassed 110 million people. Far larger than the much more famous domains of Alexander the Great and ancient Rome, it has since been surpassed in overall size and reach only by the British Empire. The Rise and Fall of the Second Largest Empire in the World recounts the spectacularly rapid expansion and dramatic decline of the Mongol realm, while examining its real, widespread, and enduring influence on countless communities from the Danube River to the Pacific Ocean. “Great sweeping history from a superb writer.” —Joseph Cummins, author of The War Chronicles “A skillful and imaginative storyteller and conscientious historian.” —David Willis McCullough, author of Wars of the Irish Kings

History of Empires

History of Empires
Title History of Empires PDF eBook
Author Robert Dean
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages 60
Release 2017-05-29
ISBN 9781547021246

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War. Famine. Conquest. Death. Explore the rise and fall of history's greatest empires. History Of Empires: Rise and Fall of the Greatest Empires in History! Understanding The Roman Empire, American Empire, British Empire, & Much More is a thrilling study of empires whose leaders lost sight of their civic obligations, leading to revolts, social disruption, and inescapable destruction. Explore the rise and fall of dynasties in Imperial China including the Mandate of Heaven and the dawn of the Zhou dynasty; the rise of China's First Emperor, Qin Shi Huang; brutal civil war, and the reign of the Han; and the First Opium War and the Qing Empire. Investigate the rise of Sparta and its culture of courage and discipline, the defeat of Athens, the helot revolts that eroded Sparta's might and Sparta's decline into backwater obscurity following defeat by Thebes in the Battle of Leuctra. Witness the faith and folly of the Ottoman Empire as it grew into one of the most powerful states in the world, reigned supreme for over 600 years, and fell into stagnation and decline because of degenerate, lackadaisical or incompetent rulers. Glimpse the growth, consolidation, repeated defeat, and eventual dissolution of the Roman Empire. Examine Hammurabi's elevation of Babylon, The Gate of the Gods, to peace and prosperity and centuries of conflict that led to the city repeatedly being sacked, rebuilt, razed, and reborn, and eventually buried beneath the sands of time, literally and figuratively. Watch the sun rise and set on the British Empire as it rose to a dominant world superpower then plunged into war and financial ruin. Observe the colonization of North America and America's growth from humble beginnings, through civil unrest and socio-economic upheaval, to emerge somehow stronger. Journey through war, famine, conquest, and death with History Of Empires: Rise and Fall of the Greatest Empires in History! Understanding The Roman Empire, American Empire, British Empire, & Much More. Scroll up to get your copy now.

Rise and Fall

Rise and Fall
Title Rise and Fall PDF eBook
Author Paul Strathern
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
Pages 272
Release 2019-08-29
Genre History
ISBN 1473698642

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Rise and Fall opens with the Akkadian Empire, which ruled over a vast expanse of the region of ancient Mesopotamia, then turns to the immense Roman Empire, where we trace back our western and eastern roots. Next Strathern describes how a great deal of western classical culture was developed in the Abbasid and Umayyid Caliphates. Then, while Europe was beginning to emerge from a period of cultural stagnation, it almost fell to a whirlwind invasion from the East, at which point we meet the Emperors of the Mongol Empire . . . Combining breathtaking scope with masterful concision, Paul Strathern traces connections across four millennia and sheds new light on these major civilizations - from the Mongol Empire and the Yuan Dynasty to the Aztec and Ottoman, through to the most recent and biggest Empires: the British, Russo-Soviet and American. Charting 5,000 years of global history in ten succinct chapters, Rise and Fall makes comprehensive and inspiring reading to anyone fascinated by the history of the world.

Empires in World History

Empires in World History
Title Empires in World History PDF eBook
Author Jane Burbank
Publisher Princeton University Press
Pages 528
Release 2021-05-11
Genre History
ISBN 1400834708

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How empires have used diversity to shape the world order for more than two millennia Empires—vast states of territories and peoples united by force and ambition—have dominated the political landscape for more than two millennia. Empires in World History departs from conventional European and nation-centered perspectives to take a remarkable look at how empires relied on diversity to shape the global order. Beginning with ancient Rome and China and continuing across Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa, Jane Burbank and Frederick Cooper examine empires' conquests, rivalries, and strategies of domination—with an emphasis on how empires accommodated, created, and manipulated differences among populations. Burbank and Cooper examine Rome and China from the third century BCE, empires that sustained state power for centuries. They delve into the militant monotheism of Byzantium, the Islamic Caliphates, and the short-lived Carolingians, as well as the pragmatically tolerant rule of the Mongols and Ottomans, who combined religious protection with the politics of loyalty. Burbank and Cooper discuss the influence of empire on capitalism and popular sovereignty, the limitations and instability of Europe's colonial projects, Russia's repertoire of exploitation and differentiation, as well as the "empire of liberty"—devised by American revolutionaries and later extended across a continent and beyond. With its investigation into the relationship between diversity and imperial states, Empires in World History offers a fresh approach to understanding the impact of empires on the past and present.

The Rise And Fall of British Naval Mastery

The Rise And Fall of British Naval Mastery
Title The Rise And Fall of British Naval Mastery PDF eBook
Author Paul Kennedy
Publisher Penguin UK
Pages 464
Release 2017-01-26
Genre History
ISBN 0141983833

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Paul Kennedy's classic naval history, now updated with a new introduction by the author This acclaimed book traces Britain's rise and fall as a sea power from the Tudors to the present day. Challenging the traditional view that the British are natural 'sons of the waves', he suggests instead that the country's fortunes as a significant maritime force have always been bound up with its economic growth. In doing so, he contributes significantly to the centuries-long debate between 'continental' and 'maritime' schools of strategy over Britain's policy in times of war. Setting British naval history within a framework of national, international, economic, political and strategic considerations, he offers a fresh approach to one of the central questions in British history. A new introduction extends his analysis into the twenty-first century and reflects on current American and Chinese ambitions for naval mastery. 'Excellent and stimulating' Correlli Barnett 'The first scholar to have set the sweep of British Naval history against the background of economic history' Michael Howard, Sunday Times 'By far the best study that has ever been done on the subject ... a sparkling and apt quotation on practically every page' Daniel A. Baugh, International History Review 'The best single-volume study of Britain and her naval past now available to us' Jon Sumida, Journal of Modern History

China and the West to 1600

China and the West to 1600
Title China and the West to 1600 PDF eBook
Author Steven Wallech
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 336
Release 2016-02-23
Genre History
ISBN 1118879996

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A comparative history of Chinese and Western Civilization from the dawn of agriculture to the dawn of modernity in Europe, China and the West to 1600 explores the factors that led to the divergent evolution of two major cultures of the ancient world, and considers how the subsequent developments saw one culture cling to tradition even as the other failed to do so, inadvertently setting the stage for the birth of the Modern Era. An accessible and inventive comparative history, suitable for all students at the college level as well as general readers Compares the history of Chinese civilization with Western civilization from the rise of agriculture to the dawn of the modern period Explores the ways in which Western failures in the Middle Ages after the Roman Empire’s collapse, and China’s successes in the same period, laid the groundwork for each culture’s divergent path in the modern period Makes meaningful connections between cultures and over time, through the use of themes such as agriculture, philosophy, religion, and warfare and invasion Bridges the gap between antiquity and modernity, looking at many factors of the global Middle Ages that influenced the development of the modern world Features a timeline, maps, endnotes, and complete index

The Mongol Empire

The Mongol Empire
Title The Mongol Empire PDF eBook
Author Michael Prawdin
Publisher Routledge
Pages 594
Release 2017-09-29
Genre History
ISBN 1351479296

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In his prologue to The Mongol Empire, Michael Prawdin sets the stage for the last and mightiest onslaught of the nomads upon the civilized world. He tells of the many rejoicings in Europe over the successes of the Crusaders in A.D. 1221. But little did Europe know that two decades later, the Mongol hordes organized by Genghis Khan would turn the Middle East into a heap of ruins and spread terror throughout the West. A work of enduring scholarship and literary excellence, The Mongol Empire is a classic on the rise and fall of the world's largest empire. It describes the incredible ascent of the Mongol people, which, through the political and military genius of Genghis Khan, overwhelmed and subdued the nations of most of the world. It demonstrates the transformation of barbarous nomads into the most efficient rulers of their time and describes the crumbling of their vast empire and the assumption of its legacy by the formerly subjugated China and Russia. Maurice Collis in Time and Tide said of The Mongol Empire: "It has the rare merit of being both scholarly and exciting...The entire world comes on to his canvas, romantic and fantastical persons pass in our view, and at the conclusion we realize that we have seen the whole of what Marco Polo saw only in part. " while The Observer commented, "it is a fine book, full of dramatic occasion well used, clear in proportions."