The Rise of Wolf 8
Title The Rise of Wolf 8 PDF eBook
Author Rick McIntyre
Publisher Greystone Books Ltd
Pages 245
Release 2019-10-15
Genre Nature
ISBN 1771645229

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“The powerful origin story of one of Yellowstone’s greatest and most famous wolves.” —Washington Post “[The Rise of Wolf 8] is a goldmine for information on all aspects of wolf behavior and clearly shows they are clever, smart, and emotional beings.” —Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today Yellowstone National Park was once home to an abundance of wild wolves—but park rangers killed the last of their kind in the 1920s. Decades later, the rangers brought them back, with the first wolves arriving from Canada in 1995. This is the incredible true story of one of those wolves. Wolf 8 struggles at first—he is smaller than the other pups, and often bullied—but soon he bonds with an alpha female whose mate was shot. An unusually young alpha male, barely a teenager in human years, Wolf 8 rises to the occasion, hunting skillfully, and even defending his family from the wolf who killed his father. But soon he faces a new opponent: his adopted son, who mates with a violent alpha female. Can Wolf 8 protect his valley without harming his protégé? Authored by a renowned wolf researcher and gifted storyteller, The Rise of Wolf 8 marks the beginning of The Alpha Wolves of Yellowstone series, which will transform our view of wolves forever.

The Rise of Wolf 8
Title The Rise of Wolf 8 PDF eBook
Author Rick McIntyre
Publisher Greystone Books
Pages 289
Release 2020-09-29
Genre Nature
ISBN 9781771647809

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The astonishing true story of one of the first alpha wolves to roam Yellowstone in more than sixty years. Book One in The Alpha Wolves of Yellowstone: A Trilogy

The Alpha Female Wolf
Title The Alpha Female Wolf PDF eBook
Author Rick McIntyre
Publisher Greystone Books Ltd
Pages 269
Release 2022-10-25
Genre Nature
ISBN 1771648597

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Book Four in the Award-Winning Alpha Wolves of Yellowstone Series Following five generations of female wolves—including the famous 06—this gripping family saga set in Yellowstone National Park reveals the pivotal role that female wolves play in pack life. “Rick’s writing is so vivid, so powerful, that I feel I have been right there with him among the wolves of Yellowstone. And I urge you, the reader, to come with us and discover the magic of wolf society.”—DR. JANE GOODALL, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace Yellowstone’s 06 female was called ‘the most famous wolf in the world.’ Her strength, beauty, and intelligence were unmatched, and her ability to hunt, protect her young cubs, and choose the right mates made her pack successful. In his latest book, award-winning author and renowned wolf researcher Rick McIntyre turns his spotting scope on 06 and more remarkable female wolves, telling the dramatic true story of five generations of female leaders in Yellowstone National Park. As Rick shows us, female wolves, not their male counterparts, play the most pivotal roles in pack life. They choose who may mate with them and where their pack will hunt and raise pups. They negotiate treaties and fiercely defend their families. The only opponent they cannot defeat is a human with a gun. In The Alpha Female Wolf, McIntyre profiles 06’s rise to power. He also celebrates the lives of other female wolves who deserve our recognition. Throughout, McIntyre weaves wolf biology and storytelling into a page-turning narrative that, once again, gives readers a rare window into life in a wolf pack—this time from a female point of view.

Title Wolves PDF eBook
Author Julie Argyle
Publisher Gibbs Smith
Pages 255
Release 2022-04-12
Genre Photography
ISBN 1423660374

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An up-close look at the beautiful, yet fierce wolves of the greater Yellowstone area and their fight for survival. In Wolves: Western Warriors, the life of the powerful and majestic North American wolf, often considered to be vermin and dangerous, is presented, showing the struggle they have to simply survive in the wild and in a world where many people don’t appreciate wolves and often set out to exterminate them. Argyle explores their behavior, their family dynamics, and what it means to be a wolf in the wilderness of the greater Yellowstone area through her stunning photography. She includes information about the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone and the ongoing struggle with keeping wolves listed as endangered species, while also offering her personal observations about the Wapiti Lake pack, among others, and several notable individual wolves. The strikingly beautiful images and the information and stories woven throughout the pages of the book showcase this frequently misunderstood, yet completely incredible species. “If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them you will not know then and what you do not know, you will not fear. What one fears, one destroys.” — Chief Dan George, Tsleil-Waututh Nation, British Columbia, Canada.

Moon Yellowstone to Glacier National Park Road Trip
Title Moon Yellowstone to Glacier National Park Road Trip PDF eBook
Author Carter G. Walker
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 485
Release 2023-03-14
Genre Travel
ISBN 1640497498

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From stunning waterfalls, glaciers, and geysers to wide open spaces, answer the call of the wild with Moon Yellowstone to Glacier National Park Road Trip. Inside you'll find: Flexible itineraries: Drive the entire two-week route or explore the region on shorter trips to Glacier, Yellowstone, or Grand Teton Eat, sleep, stop and explore: With lists of the best hikes, views, places for wildlife-watching, and more, you can watch Old Faithful from Observation Point, drive the 50-mile Going-to-the-Sun Road, spot everything from bighorn sheep to bears on a wildlife tour of Yellowstone's Lamar and Hayden valleys, and kick back with a craft beer in Bozeman Outdoor adventures: Hike the trails in Glacier or ski in Whitefish. Admire the reflection of the Grand Tetons as you kayak Jenny Lake or set up camp and stargaze late into the night The best hikes: Detailed descriptions, trail maps, mileage and elevation gains, and backpacking options Maps and driving tools: Easy-to-use maps keep you oriented on and off the highway, along with site-to-site mileage, driving times, detailed directions for the entire route, and full-color photos throughout Local expertise: Former wilderness guide Carter G. Walker shares her deep love of the region Planning your trip: Know when and where to get gas, how to avoid traffic, tips for driving in different road and weather conditions, and suggestions for LGBTQ travelers, seniors, and road-trippers with kids Coverage of Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier National Parks, Bozeman, Jackson Hole, Cody, Whitefish, and more With Moon Yellowstone to Glacier National Park Road Trip's practical tips, flexible itineraries, and local know-how, you're ready to fill up the tank and hit the road. Spending more time in the parks? Check out Moon Glacier National Park or Moon Yellowstone & Grand Teton. Want to extend your adventure? Check out Moon Montana & Wyoming. About Moon Travel Guides: Moon was founded in 1973 to empower independent, active, and conscious travel. We prioritize local businesses, outdoor recreation, and traveling strategically and sustainably. Moon Travel Guides are written by local, expert authors with great stories to tell—and they can't wait to share their favorite places with you. For more inspiration, follow @moonguides on social media.

Tenacious Beasts
Title Tenacious Beasts PDF eBook
Author Christopher J. Preston
Publisher MIT Press
Pages 329
Release 2024-03-05
Genre Nature
ISBN 026254833X

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An inspiring look at wildlife species that are defying the odds and teaching important lessons about how to share a planet. The news about wildlife is dire—more than 900 species have been wiped off the planet since industrialization. Against this bleak backdrop, however, there are also glimmers of hope and crucial lessons to be learned from animals that have defied global trends toward extinction: bears in Italy, bison in North America, whales in the Atlantic. These populations are back from the brink, some of them in numbers unimaginable in a century. How has this happened? What shifts in thinking did it demand? In crisp, transporting prose, Christopher Preston reveals the mysteries and challenges at the heart of these resurgences. Drawing on compelling personal stories from the researchers, Indigenous people, and activists who know the creatures best, Preston weaves together a gripping narrative of how some species are taking back vital, ecological roles. Each section of the book—farms, prairies, rivers, forests, oceans—offers a philosophical shift in how humans ought to think about animals, passionately advocating for the changes in attitude necessary for wildlife recovery. Tenacious Beasts is quintessential nature writing for the Anthropocene, touching on different facets of ecological restoration from Indigenous knowledge to rewilding practices. More important, perhaps, the book offers a road map—and a measure of hope—for a future in which humans and animals can once again coexist.

A Path Called Compelling
Title A Path Called Compelling PDF eBook
Author K. Bradley Watson
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Pages 161
Release 2023-04-12
Genre Religion
ISBN 1666767573

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While hiking in 2010, an ill-advised, off-trail climb left debut author K. Bradley Watson dangling precariously over the edge of a cliff. Narrowly escaping disaster, Watson then found himself lost in the woods, bushwhacking for hours before he found his way out of a dense canyon forest. The haphazard hiking moment became an epiphany for him, underscoring the importance of following trails. As in hiking, so it is in life and faith: to find our way, we need the direction of a path to guide us. In A Path Called Compelling, Watson reimagines the Christian faith as the Jesus Path, where three key events from Jesus's life (birth, baptism, temptations) are revealed to be more than events to believe in, but a path meant to be entered, travelled, and lived. Acting as an expedition guide, raconteur, and pastor, Watson weaves masterful storytelling with thoughtful reflections on Scripture that will have readers chuckling to themselves in one moment while readying themselves to travel the Jesus Path in the next. Fresh and urgent, the book invites readers to rediscover faith as they walk and explore A Path Called Compelling.