The River Bank

The River Bank
Title The River Bank PDF eBook
Author Kij Johnson
Publisher Small Beer Press
Pages 199
Release 2017-09-04
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1618731319

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In this delightful dive into the bygone world of Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows staunch Mole, sociable Water Rat, severe Badger, and troublesome and ebullient Toad of Toad Hall are joined by a young mole lady, Beryl, and her dear friend, Rabbit. There are adventures, kidnappings, lost letters, and family secrets—lavishly illustrated throughout by award-winning artist Kathleen Jennings. Praise for Kij Johnson: “The Fox Woman immediately sets the author in the front rank of today’s novelists.” —Lloyd Alex-ander “Johnson has a singular vision and I’m going to be borrowing (stealing) from her.” —Sherman Alexie “Johnson’s language is beautiful, her descriptions of setting visceral, and her characters compellingly drawn.” —Publishers Weekly (starred re-view) “Johnson would fit quite comfortably on a shelf with Karen Russell, Erin Morgen-stern and others who hover in the simultaneous state of being both “literary” and “fantasy” writ-ers.” —Shelf Awareness Kij Johnson’s stories have won the Sturgeon, World Fantasy, and Nebula awards. She has taught writing and has worked at Dark Horse, Microsoft, and Real Networks. She has run bookstores, worked as a radio announcer and engineer, edited cryptic crosswords, and waitressed in a strip bar. Kathleen Jennings was raised on fairytales in western Queensland. She trained as a lawyer and filled the margins of her notes with pen-and-ink illustrations. She has been nominated for the World Fantasy award and has received several Ditmar Awards. She lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Discovering the World of Nature Along the Riverbank

Discovering the World of Nature Along the Riverbank
Title Discovering the World of Nature Along the Riverbank PDF eBook
Author Petra Bartíková
Publisher Fox Chapel Publishing
Pages 14
Release 2021-06-01
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 1637410387

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With delightful illustrations and fascinating facts aimed at young readers, this children’s book explores the natural world of riverbanks. Have you ever wondered how and why beavers build their dams, how otters live, or how frogs come to be? Now you can find out! This charming picture book teaches young children what it’s like to be an animal living on and in the water. With each turn of the page, this volume reveals dozens of adorable illustrations, educational captions, and vocabulary words. From beavers and otters to snakes, frogs, newts, and more, children will love learning all about these busy aquatic animals and the amazing lives they live! This is a fixed-format ebook, which preserves the design and layout of the original print book

Along the Riverbank

Along the Riverbank
Title Along the Riverbank PDF eBook
Author Maxwell K. Hearn
Publisher Metropolitan Museum of Art
Pages 186
Release 1999
Genre Painting, Chinese
ISBN 0870999052

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This publication catalogue focuses on twelve masterpieces of Chinese landscape and figure paintings. An essay by Wen C. Fong presents an in-depth stylistic analysis and contextual history of the famed Riverbank; a detailed physical analysis is also included. An extended essay by Maxwell K. Hearn examines all twelve major paintings in the book, which range in date from the tenth to the early eighteenth century. -- Metropolitan Museum of Art website.

Wild Grass on the Riverbank

Wild Grass on the Riverbank
Title Wild Grass on the Riverbank PDF eBook
Author Hiromi Itō
Pages 0
Release 2014
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 9780989804844

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These poets will plunge you into dreamlike landscapes of volatile proliferation: shape-shifting mothers, living father-corpses, and pervasively odd vegetation

The Tale of Jeremy Vole

The Tale of Jeremy Vole
Title The Tale of Jeremy Vole PDF eBook
Author Stephen Lawhead
Publisher Lion Books
Pages 109
Release 2003
Genre Animals
ISBN 9780745946757

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The mysterious Great Blue Heron's doom-laden message comes as a shock to home-loving Jeremy Vole. Going on an adventure is not his idea of fun. How can he possibly warn al the creatures on Riverbank? And will they listen?

On Skein of Death

On Skein of Death
Title On Skein of Death PDF eBook
Author Allie Pleiter
Publisher Penguin
Pages 305
Release 2021-06-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0593201787

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For Libby Beckett, opening her charming yarn shop, and introducing customers to the joys of knitting and crochet, is the work she was meant to do. Until the yarn she loves is used for murder…. Libby has come home to Collinstown, Maryland to live her dream and open her own yarn shop, aptly named Y.A.R.N., along the Chester River. To Libby, Y.A.R.N. stands for "You're Absolutely Ready Now." But the acronym changes whenever inspiration strikes, and customers add to the list of suggestions that fill the blackboard wall in a shop stuffed with color, fiber, and comfort. Libby is thrilled when she lands famous Norwegian knitting celebrity Perle Langager for a series of events at Y.A.R.N. Libby's English bulldog, Hank, has been modeling one of Perle's doggie sweaters, and customers just can't wait to see Perle in action. The mayor of Collinstown even decrees a Collinstown Yarn Day to celebrate. But once Perle arrives in town, she seems distracted and on edge. And when she's found strangled with a skein of red yarn, Libby knows she has to solve a knotty mystery before her new life unravels.

Stories from the Riverbank

Stories from the Riverbank
Title Stories from the Riverbank PDF eBook
Author Clifford R. Roberts
Publisher iUniverse
Pages 281
Release 2008-06
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0595508367

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Stories From the Riverbank is a collection of published newspaper columns and personal writings that offer glimpses of the cultural, personal, and natural history of northern Michigan through the eyes of a lifelong resident. Clifford R. Roberts of Onaway shares stories and observations infused with local color and history from the Depression era to the present. Born and raised in sight of Onaway's grain elevator, Roberts shares personal and family stories of growing up in a small town whose claim to fame in the early 1900s was "Onaway Steers the World" by making wooden steering wheels for cars. Fishing and boating on Michigan's lakes, rivers, and streams figure largely in these tales, as do stories of hunting, school, and family life. Roberts' keen observations of nature-especially wildlife and birds-from his vantage point living on the banks of the Black River and Black Lake comprise the major portion of these writings. As a columnist for his hometown's paper The Onaway Outlook for more than twenty years, he shares the best of his writings from columns entitled From the Riverbank, From the Lakeshore, and On the Road.