The Shortest Distance Between Love & Hate

The Shortest Distance Between Love & Hate
Title The Shortest Distance Between Love & Hate PDF eBook
Author Sandy Hall
Publisher Macmillan
Pages 288
Release 2019-07-09
Genre Young Adult Fiction
ISBN 1250119111

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A teen girl starting at a new school is torn between long-held loyalties and a bright new love in this irresistible new YA contemporary romance from the author of A Little Something Different. Paisley is really looking forward to college. She is ready to take charge of her destiny and embrace some new experiences! Finding a hot guy to make out with at her first ever college party seems like a great start...until her best friend informs her that mystery guy is actually Carter Schmitt, Paisley's sworn enemy who basically ruined their lives in middle school. So much for new people and exciting new experiences. Oh well. Paisley will just pretend he doesn't exist. Of course that would be easier if Carter, AKA her super-hot-sworn-enemy, hadn't ended up in three of her classes AND the same work study. Is it too late to rethink this college thing? Sandy Hall, author of A Little Something Different and A Prom to Remember, is heading back to college in this sweet and quirky contemporary romance. Praise for Sandy Hall: "If you need a cute romance to end your summer with, read this. It’s sweet. It’s adorable. It’s full of emotions. It’s one of the best romances I’ve ever read, and I’ll be reading this one again multiple times." —Here's to Happy Endings on Been Here All Along “Romance with a twist.” —Booklist on A Little Something Different

The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book

The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book
Title The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book PDF eBook
Author Susan Page
Publisher RosettaBooks
Pages 333
Release 2013-10-03
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 0795334435

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“The most thorough, accurate, user-friendly, well-organized and inspiring guide for writers on the market today. Period.”—Richard Carlson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff This expert guide has put the dream of acquiring a publisher within reach for thousands of writers. Whether your book idea is a completed manuscript or still in the planning stages, The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book offers comprehensive, industry-savvy guidance on the steps to take to sell your book to a major publisher. Literary agents often advise their clients to read this book as their first step. Susan Page is the author of several bestselling self-help books, and a veteran of the publishing industry. Here, she’ll guide you step-by-step through the roadblocks that stall other writers and help you toward a publishing strategy that gets results. You’ll find in-depth information on the early steps to take, writing title ideas, developing winning book proposals, finding an agent, understanding publishing contracts, promoting your book, and more. Throughout the process, Page coaches you through both the emotional and practical obstacles you’re likely to face. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in a career as a published author. “Page, as her subtitle claims, really does tell you what you need to know to get happily published. This self-help author (If I’m So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single?) knows what she’s talking about, whether she’s advising on how to write a book proposal, find an agent or promote one’s book . . . This is one of the more instructive guides to read before writing your book.”—Publishers Weekly

Spiritual Enlightenment:: The Damnedest Thing

Spiritual Enlightenment:: The Damnedest Thing
Title Spiritual Enlightenment:: The Damnedest Thing PDF eBook
Author Jed McKenna
Publisher Wisefool Press
Release 2009-11-25
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 0980184827

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A MASTERPIECE of illuminative writing, Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing is mandatory reading for anyone following a spiritual path. Part exposé and part how-to manual, this is the first book to explain why failure seems to be the rule in the search for enlightenment, and how the rule can be broken. :: Book One of Jed McKenna's Enlightenment Trilogy. Contains Bonus Material.

March's Thesaurus Dictionary

March's Thesaurus Dictionary
Title March's Thesaurus Dictionary PDF eBook
Author Francis Andrew March
Pages 1500
Release 1925
Genre English language

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Mr. Holland on the Edge

Mr. Holland on the Edge
Title Mr. Holland on the Edge PDF eBook
Author Trey Reely
Publisher GIA Publications
Pages 180
Release 2007
Genre Bands (Music)
ISBN 9781579995980

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Educational Technology and Narrative

Educational Technology and Narrative
Title Educational Technology and Narrative PDF eBook
Author Brad Hokanson
Publisher Springer
Pages 302
Release 2017-12-09
Genre Education
ISBN 3319699148

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This volume is the result of a 2016 research symposium sponsored by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) focused on the growing theoretical areas of integrating story and narrative into educational design. Narrative, or storytelling, is often used as a means for understanding, conveying, and remembering the events of our lives. Our lives become a series of stories as we use narrative to structure our thinking; stories that teach, train, socialize, and create value. The contributions in this volume examine stories and narrative in instructional design and offer a diverse exploration of instructional design and learning environments. Among the topics discussed: The narrative imperative: creating a story telling culture in the classroom. Narrative qualities of design argumentation. Scenario-based workplace training as storytelling. Designing for adult learners' metacognitive development & narrative identity. Using activity theory in designing science inquiry games . Changing the narrative of school: toward a neurocognitive redefinition of learning. Educational Technology and Narrative is an invaluable resource offering application-ready ideas to students of instructional design, instructional design practitioners, and teachers seeking to utilize theories of story and narrative to the ways that they convey and express ideas of instructional design and educational technology.

The Shortest Distance Between Two Women

The Shortest Distance Between Two Women
Title The Shortest Distance Between Two Women PDF eBook
Author Kris Radish
Publisher Bantam
Pages 352
Release 2009-08-18
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0553906216

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Bestselling author Kris Radish takes the emotional measure of mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends in her wise and wonderful new novel of a woman unsure if she’s on the verge of a breakdown—or a breakthrough.… After all these years is there any way you would see me again? When Emma Lauryn Gilford heard the voice on her answering machine, she thought, How dare he? She’s put a lot of distance between herself and Samuel, filling her life with work and family, lavishing her attention on her lovely nieces and a garden that’s the pride of Higgins, South Carolina. So why does his voice still have the power to make her heart skip? Why can’t she stop thinking about this man she’d forgotten so long ago? Emma has always been the dependable daughter, the mediator of the controlled chaos always surrounding her high-strung sisters and her widowed mother, Higgins’s own senior citizen seductress. But with the annual Gilford family reunion just around the corner, at least two of her sisters approaching meltdown, and her favorite teenage niece taking sanctuary in her home, Emma’s concrete wall of self-denial is showing cracks. And on the other side is a life she can’t put off living a moment longer.