Horse Training Made Easy
Title Horse Training Made Easy PDF eBook
Author Leroy Dillon
Publisher Createspace Independent Pub
Pages 54
Release 2013-06-19
Genre Nature
ISBN 9781490472942

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You have wanted a horse for years, but didn't have a place to keep it. Now you have the land and you want to buy a horse or maybe you have already bought the horse, you just don't know anything about training a horse. You don't know where to start and you don't want to hire a trainer because you want to be a big part of the training. You are wondering if you have to go to school to learn to train a horse or do you learn from watching videos or even by just reading a book. Will a book tell you everything you need to know? For that matter will a video give you all the ins and outs of training a horse? You know a little about riding, but those horses were already trained. You have never even been around an untrained horse. How hard can it be? You love animals and you love horses and horseback riding. You have plenty of room for a horse now. You talked to a trainer about training a horse, but he won't let you be there while he is training the horse. You really want to be in on the training. So the only solution you can think of is to train the horse yourself. You have to learn but you can do it. It shouldn't be that hard. You will have to do some reading up on the subject, maybe even several books and there are probably videos too you can watch. So that is it you are going to find you a horse to buy. You about how much a horse will cost you. You know about how much it will cost to feed them for a year. Of course they need shots and checking out with a vet. You have even thought of that and know how much that will cost. When you called that vet to ask for advice, he said he would go with you to help you pick out the horse, so that you will get the right horse for you. The only cost will be the cost of checking out the horse. He should be able to tell me if the horse is in good health before I buy it. Don't want to buy a horse that is going to run up a ton of money in vet charges. This will work out well. Of course there is still the matter of training a horse. Training Your Own Horse... You can learn how to teach your horse to back up, load on a trailer and how to be a good riding horse. If you have the time and the patience, you can train your own horse to be a good riding horse. The key to training your horse is to understanding how horses think. How are you going to learn how horses think? Horses can't tell you what they think anymore that a dog or cat can tell you what they think. I don't have to hire a horse whisperer do I? So where do you find all of this information.

Horse Training
Title Horse Training PDF eBook
Author Winnie Prandell
Publisher Editora Bibliomundi
Pages 58
Release 2021
Genre Pets
ISBN 1526039532

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If you are reading this book, you are either looking to buy a horse or maybe you have already acquired a horse. Either way the will need to be trained. Whether you do it yourself or hire a trainer to train the horse for you. You already know the cost of purchasing a horse can range from about $1000 to $20,000. You may have estimated the cost of feeding, shoeing, and health care to run you about $2,000 per year. That $2,000 per year is if you have property in the country and will keep the horse with you. If you are planning on boarding your horse, then you can expect an additional $2,000 to $3,000 per year. Assuming you are planning on riding your horse an average of 350 hours per year, you will want to include in all those expenses the cost of your health insurance and possible time off from work. Since you are asking yourself, “Why?” I will explain. There are thousands of people each year that receive injuries from horseback riding. Twenty-five percent of those injuries happen to children who are 16 years of age and younger. Many of the head injuries lead to brain injury. The brain injuries can cause serious damages that have a lifelong effect. Unfortunately we are not talking about injuries caused riding rodeos. The majority of these mishaps occur during recreational riding. Eighty percent of the fatal accidents occur at normal horse speeds and are not caused because the horse bucked or reared up. As it turns out you are safer riding a motorcycle than you are on the back of a horse. Researchers tell us that motorcyclists average 7,000 hours of riding time per serious accident, while horseback riders can expect an accident to happen for every 350 hours of riding time. The best method of stopping injury accidents is education. A properly trained horse is less likely to misbehave, and he will be a much safer animal to ride if he has been taught not to behave in a way that will cause a serious injuries. These actions will include biting, kicking, or running away with a rider. A well-trained horse will be much more patient with the odd habits of the untrained person. Riding on the back of an untrained horse is like driving a car that does not have any brakes. You can take them out for a test run, but you may come back dead. Even though the horse’s intentions are good, if he doesn’t have experience, you are riding around with a creature that weighs over a thousand pounds and likes to do whatever he wants. As an investment, horses are more of a liability. The horse has the potential of hurting someone and his resale value is next to nothing. If you have an untrained horse, he can be dangerous. You probably didn’t buy him just to put him out to pasture and get fat and lazy. Just remember training your horse makes your horse more accessible to you as well as being useful and safer to be around. If you don’t seem to have enough time to train a horse, you can hire a trainer. Depending on the training the horse needs, training can take anywhere from two months to a year to be trained. The end results you will have a horse that is well trained. However you will still be untrained unless you are already an experienced rider and just don’t have the time to train your own horse. If you are not an experienced rider, you are not allowed to participate in the training of your horse. This means you will have to find training for yourself. For a whole lot less money than you will pay for a trainer, you can train a horse on your own. You will both be learning at the same time. Of course the horse will not be rideable for a portion of that time, but you will learn some things before you get on the back of that horse. Here are some tips for the novice horseback rider. If this is the first time your have owned a horse, it would be a good idea to pay a professional trainer to help you choose the right horse for you pay out the money for a horse. You will always want to supervise children when they are around horses. Make sure the children are not in the line of fire should the horse decide to kick. If you have children, you will want them to know all about horse safety.When you are looking for a saddle to purchase, make sure to purchase a saddle that has release catches to ensure a fallen rider will not be dragged by the horse because of a foot caught in the stirrups. Make sure you invest in an equestrian helmet that meets the ASTM standards. Do not allow a horse to nibble or “kiss” you, not even a young horse. This can turn into biting and is very hard to stop. Do not wear any loose fitting clothes. It may catch on tack, branches or fences. Never sneak up on a horse from behind.

What I'd Teach Your Horse
Title What I'd Teach Your Horse PDF eBook
Author Keith Hosman
Publisher CreateSpace
Pages 206
Release 2012-08-05
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 9781478357124

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Question: "I just bought a horse. What do I do now?" Answer: "Buy my book, 'What I'd Teach Your Horse.'" If I had a dollar for every email I get asking "what to do" to make a riding horse out of the mare Uncle Emo just traded for the old RV - or how to retrain a horse that's grown rusty - or some version on either theme, I'd be the world's first gazillionaire. With the publication of this book then, I'm hoping to grab that distinction. If you broke your horse to saddle and rode it for the first time yesterday, this book (page 1) is where you'd start tomorrow. If you have an older horse and you've taught him everything you know and he still don't know nothin', this book is where you'd start, (page 1). It's a roadmap to building the foundation every horse needs, regardless of age, breed or background, regardless of what you've got ultimately planned for that horse. Afterwards, when your horse knows this book back to front, go train for barrels, roping, eventing, jumping or dressage. But today, basics are basics. Section I is the stuff your horse needs to know. Section II is the stuff (the theory) you need to know. Practice the first handful of chapters in order, as written. Beyond that, you should feel free to mix and match depending on your needs or abilities. Some chapters are dependent upon others - but in those cases, I've spelled out necessary prerequisites. Contents: SECTION I BASICALLY TRAINING YOUR HORSE - Hip Control - Classic Serpentine - Train Your Horse to Travel Straight - Shoulder Control - How to Fix Leaning Shoulders - Serpentine: Indirect to Direct - Speed Control - Speeding Up Slow or Balky Horses - Slowing Your Horse, Part I: Move the Hip - Slow Down, Part II: Wherein We Train the Brain - Teach Your Horse to Lower Its Head While Standing - Backing Up - Simple Steps to Power Steering - Leg Yielding Without Your Legs - Softening - Getting Leads - Haunches In - Neck Reining How-To SECTION II TEACHING YOU, THE THEORY BEHIND THE PRACTICE - The First Thing I Do - What You're Feeling For - Learning - How to Pick Up Your Reins Like a Pro - When You Get On, Do This First - Training Magic: Release on the Thought - Reins Tell Direction, Legs Tell Speed - Talking Horse - See Yourself Leading When Riding - Perfect the First Time - 6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Training - Rider Checklists

Train Your Own Mini
Title Train Your Own Mini PDF eBook
Author Cynthia Tunstall
Publisher Equine Graphics Publishing Group
Pages 94
Release 2001
Genre Pets
ISBN 9781887932158

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Down-to-earth, easy to understand guide for any Mini owner who wants to "Do It Yourself." Includes conformation, basic training techniques, training a Mini to stand and show in halter classes, trailer loading & unloading, exercise and conditioning techniques, choosing appropriate tack, tips for success in the halter ring, getting a Mini ready to driving, and info on Miniature harness racing. Includes a complete glossary, appendix, index, and many photographs. Written and photographed by Cynthia Tunstall.

Gallop to Freedom
Title Gallop to Freedom PDF eBook
Author Frederic Pignon
Publisher Trafalgar Square Books
Pages 411
Release 2019-09-24
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 1570769761

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When Cavalia—the amazing equestrian-themed "spectacular," melding costumes and theatrics with stunt riding and haute école—first took North America by storm, few people knew who Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado were. But the whole world was soon abuzz with talk of the magical display these two remarkable individuals provided their audience—whether horse-crazy or layperson, none could walk away unaffected by the powerful connection they demonstrated with their unparalleled cast of beautiful horses. In this remarkable book, now available in paperback, Frédéric—a specialist in liberty and ground work—and Magali—a talented dressage rider at the Grand Prix level—combine efforts and share the secrets of the breathtaking relationships they have cultivated over the course of their lives with horses. They tell the story of Templado—the gorgeous but rebellious stallion who demanded they question all they had learned as horsemen and look at, in a whole new light, what it means to train horses. It was this tempestuous character that taught them that the process of building a relationship with a horse can be on more equal footing than most would dream possible. It is with this life-altering lesson in mind that Frédéric and Magali now explain their Six Golden Principles. These include how you can become a "safe haven"—the most important being in your horse's life—while ensuring he gets the leadership he craves and deserves. And, how to establish acceptable limits of behavior, as well as respect, without ever succumbing to anger or using force. They describe how to read horse behavior so you can better understand and communicate with your equine partner as an "individual." Plus, you'll see what it means to be patient and "give your horse a say" in his own training—and just how rewarding the results can be. In a chapter devoted to their practical approach, you'll explore what is perhaps most central to their methods: the idea of "play" and how games can be used to develop a horse's intelligence, confidence, and desire to perform, whether at liberty or in the most difficult of competitive environments. Magali shares the example of her Grand Prix mount Dao, with whom she has reached the pinnacle of European competition, and whom dressage judges praise for his supple and stress-free performances. Both Frédéric and Magali once thought they had become skilled and compassionate riders and trainers, but found that the monumental challenges presented by Templado turned their beliefs upside down and made them start again from the beginning. They now view their work with horses as a journey of endless discovery and infinite rewards. With this book, full of phenomenal color photographs of their horses, many of whom appeared in the show that first made them famous, you can join—and learn from—them.

Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse
Title Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse PDF eBook
Author Mark Rashid
Publisher Skyhorse
Pages 208
Release 2020-04-07
Genre Pets
ISBN 9781510750906

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Learn the underlying principles of speaking both “horse” and “human” from an internationally acclaimed horseman. Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse describes celebrated horse trainer Mark Rashid’s experiences with one special—and especially challenging—horse named Buck. Mark finds that Buck’s unique personality teaches him a wealth of information about how to build a strong relationship with what may initially seem like a difficult horse. During his time with Buck, Mark not only trains Buck but also observes how Buck “trains” other horses in order to maintain a stable and respectful group. Mark comes to understand that there are six underlying principles to both Buck and Mark’s most successful horse training techniques: non-confrontation, planning ahead, patience, persistence, consistency, and “fix it and move on.” The second half of the book is devoted to demonstrating how horse owners can apply the six principles to their own experiences in horse training. Mark Rashid is unique among writers of horse training books for his skill at teaching trainers to lead by example rather than by force, using clear and consistent methods. In the afterword, Mark Rashid reflects on what he has learned since first writing about Buck, and how Buck’s life allowed Mark to dramatically improve his own emotional and physical well-being. Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse is essential reading for all compassionate horse owners who care about cultivating a mutually respectful and satisfying relationship with their horses.

Training Your Own Young Horse
Title Training Your Own Young Horse PDF eBook
Author Jan Dickerson
Publisher Doubleday Books
Pages 244
Release 1978
Genre Pets
ISBN 9780385022224

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