Under the Bus
Title Under the Bus PDF eBook
Author Caroline Fredrickson
Publisher New Press, The
Pages 162
Release 2010-01-12
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1620970805

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“Did you think you knew the facts about women and work? Think again . . . a terrific book . . . utterly gripping.” —Peter Edelman, author of So Rich, So Poor For women in professional and corporate jobs, much of the discrimination and inequity faced in the past has been confronted—and at least to some extent, conquered. But the fact is that we have a two-tiered system, where some working women have a full panoply of rights while others have few or none at all. We allow blatant discrimination by small employers. Domestic workers are cut out of our wage and overtime laws. Part-time workers, disproportionately women, are denied basic benefits. Laws have been written through a process of compromise and negotiation, and in each case vulnerable workers were the bargaining chip that was sacrificed to guarantee the policy’s enactment. For these workers, the system that was supposed to act as a safety net has become a sieve—and they are still falling through. Caroline Fredrickson is a powerful advocate and DC insider who has witnessed the legislative compromises that leave out temps, farmworkers, staff at small businesses, immigrants, and others who fall outside an intentionally narrow definition of “employees.” The women in this fast-growing part of the workforce are denied minimum wage, maternity leave, health care, the right to unionize, and protection from harassment and discrimination—all within the bounds of the law. If current trends continue, their fate will be the future of all American workers. “[An] informative, occasionally shocking exploration of the state of women’s rights in the workplace.” —Kirkus Reviews

Catherine Cate:rAn Elegant Rise Above Race and Gender as Scholar and Professor
Title Catherine Cate:rAn Elegant Rise Above Race and Gender as Scholar and Professor PDF eBook
Author Robert V. Dodge
Publisher Algora Publishing
Release 2016-09-11
ISBN 1628942339

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Women's Lives
Title Women's Lives PDF eBook
Author Claire A. Etaugh
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 438
Release 2017-10-16
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1315449382

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This cutting-edge and comprehensive fourth edition of Women’s Lives: A Psychological Perspective integrates the most current research and social issues to explore the psychological diversity of girls and women varying in age, ethnicity, social class, nationality, sexual orientation, and ableness. Written in an engaging and accessible manner, its use of vignettes, quotes, and numerous pedagogical tools effectively fosters students’ engagement, active learning, critical thinking, and social activism. New information covered includes: neoliberal feminism, standpoint theory, mujerista psychology (Chapter 1) LGBT individuals and individuals with disabilities in media (Chapter 2) testosterone testing of female athletes, precarious manhood (Chapter 3) raising a gender non-conforming child, impact of social media on body image (Chapter 4) gender differences in narcissism and Big Five personality traits, women video-game designers (Chapter 5) asexuality, transgender individuals, sexual agency, "Viagra for women" controversy (Chapter 6) adoption of frozen embryos controversy (Chapter 7) intensive mothering, integrated motherhood, "living apart together", same-sex marriage (Chapter 8) single-sex schooling controversy (Chapter 9) combat roles opened to U.S. women, managerial derailment (Chapter 10) work-hours dilemmas of low-wage workers (Chapter 11) feminist health care model, health care for transgender individuals, Affordable Care Act (Chapter 12) feminist critique of CDC guidelines on women and drinking (Chapter 13) cyberharassment, gendertrolling, campus sexual assault (Chapter 14) transnational feminism, men and feminism (Chapter 15) Women’s Lives stands apart from other texts on the psychology of women because it embeds within each topical chapter a lifespan approach and robust coverage of the impact of social, cultural, and economic factors in shaping women’s lives around the world. It provides extensive information on women with disabilities, middle-aged and older women, and women in transnational contexts. Its up-to-date coverage reflects current scientific and social developments, including over 2,200 new references. This edition also adds several new boxed features for student engagement. In The News boxes present current, often controversial, news items to get students thinking critically about real-life applications of course topics. Get Involved boxes encourage students to actively participate in the research process. What You Can Do boxes give students applied activities to promote a more egalitarian society. Learn About the Research boxes expose students to a variety of research methods and highlight the importance of diversity in research samples by including studies of underrepresented groups.

Female Voices from the Worksite
Title Female Voices from the Worksite PDF eBook
Author Marquita R. Walker
Publisher Lexington Books
Pages 263
Release 2020-11-24
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1793628750

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This collection analyzes women’s narratives on the workplace. These narratives speak to the daily struggles women face in the workforce, such as inflexible and long work hours, masculine workplace cultures, employers’ stereotypical attitudes, and the absence of work-life balance initiatives. Viewed from a sociological perspective, the authors emphasize the reoccurring themes of devaluation, exploitation, and dehumanization of female workers resulting from unconscious or implicit bias and which directly impacts women’s quality of life.

Global Women's Work
Title Global Women's Work PDF eBook
Author Beth English
Publisher Routledge
Pages 402
Release 2018-12-07
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1351713477

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This volume considers how women are shaping the global economic landscape through their labor, activism, and multiple discourses about work. Bringing together an interdisciplinary group of international scholars, the book offers a gendered examination of work in the global economy and analyses the effects of the 2008 downturn on women’s labor force participation and workplace activism. The book addresses three key themes: exploitation versus opportunity; women’s agency within the context of changing economic options; and women’s negotiations and renegotiations of unpaid social reproductive labor. This uniquely interdisciplinary and comparative analysis will be crucial reading for anyone with an interest in gender and the post-crisis world.

Poverty and Power
Title Poverty and Power PDF eBook
Author Edward Royce
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 309
Release 2022-06-09
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1538167573

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"Poverty and Power examines structural inequality in American society by focusing on the persistence of poverty, resulting from failings of our political, economic, cultural, and social systems"--

Of, For, and By the People
Title Of, For, and By the People PDF eBook
Author K.Sabeel Rahman
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 291
Release 2019-08-29
Genre Law
ISBN 110842211X

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Provides a richly researched yet concrete agenda for addressing the current crises of American democracy.