The politics of attack

The politics of attack
Title The politics of attack PDF eBook
Author Michael Loadenthal
Publisher Manchester University Press
Pages 282
Release 2017-07-29
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1526114461

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Since the early 2000s, global, underground networks of insurrectionary anarchists have carried out thousands of acts of political violence. This book is an exploration of the ideas, strategies, and history of these political actors that engage in a confrontation with the oppressive powers of the state and capital. This book challenges the reader to consider the historically ignored articulations put forth by those who communicate through sometimes violent political acts-vandalism, sabotage, arson and occasional use of explosives. These small acts of violence are announced and contextualized through written communiqu├ęs, which are posted online, translated, and circulated globally. This book offers the first contemporary history of these digitally-mediated networks, and seeks to locate this tendency within anti-state struggles from the past.

Sex, Violence, and the Avant-garde

Sex, Violence, and the Avant-garde
Title Sex, Violence, and the Avant-garde PDF eBook
Author Richard David Sonn
Publisher Penn State Press
Pages 271
Release 2010
Genre Political Science
ISBN 027103663X

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Sex, Violence, and the Avant-Garde examines the French anarchist movement between the wars from a socio-cultural perspective, considering the relationship between anarchism and the artistic avant-garde and surrealism, political violence and terrorism, sexuality and sexual politics, and gender roles.

The Battle against Anarchist Terrorism

The Battle against Anarchist Terrorism
Title The Battle against Anarchist Terrorism PDF eBook
Author Richard Bach Jensen
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 429
Release 2013-12-05
Genre History
ISBN 1107656699

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This is the first global history of the secret diplomatic and police campaign that was waged against anarchist terrorism from 1878 to the 1920s. Anarchist terrorism was at that time the dominant form of terrorism and for many continued to be synonymous with terrorism as late as the 1930s. Ranging from Europe and the Americas to the Middle East and Asia, Richard Bach Jensen explores how anarchist terrorism emerged as a global phenomenon during the first great era of economic and social globalization at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries and reveals why some nations were so much more successful in combating this new threat than others. He shows how the challenge of dealing with this new form of terrorism led to the fundamental modernization of policing in many countries and also discusses its impact on criminology and international law.

Contemporary Anarchist Studies

Contemporary Anarchist Studies
Title Contemporary Anarchist Studies PDF eBook
Author Randall Amster
Publisher Routledge
Pages 335
Release 2009-02-10
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 1134026439

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This book highlights the recent rise in interest in anarchist theory and practice attempting to bridge the gap between anarchist activism on the streets and anarchist studies in the academia. Bringing together some of the most prominent voices in contemporary anarchism in the academy, it includes pieces written on anarchist theory, pedagogy, methodologies, praxis, and the future.

Anarchism & Violence

Anarchism & Violence
Title Anarchism & Violence PDF eBook
Author Osvaldo Bayer
Pages 260
Release 1985
Genre Biography & Autobiography

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Anarchism and Other Essays

Anarchism and Other Essays
Title Anarchism and Other Essays PDF eBook
Author Emma Goldman
Pages 300
Release 1917
Genre Anarchism

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Assassins against the Old Order

Assassins against the Old Order
Title Assassins against the Old Order PDF eBook
Author Nunzio Pernicone
Publisher University of Illinois Press
Pages 0
Release 2018-08-14
Genre History
ISBN 9780252041877

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The image of the anarchist assassin haunted the corridors of power and the popular imagination in the late nineteenth century. Fear spawned a gross but persistent stereotype: a swarthy "Italian" armed with a bloody knife or revolver and bred to violence by a combination of radical politics, madness, innate criminality, and poor genes. That Italian anarchists targeted--and even killed--high-profile figures added to their exaggerated, demonic image. Nunzio Pernicone and Fraser M. Ottanelli dig into the transnational experiences and the historical, social, cultural, and political conditions behind the phenomenon of anarchist violence in Italy. Looking at political assassinations in the 1890s, they illuminate the public effort to equate anarchy's goals with violent overthrow. Throughout, Pernicone and Ottanelli combine a cutting-edge synthesis of the intellectual origins, milieu, and nature of Italian anarchist violence with vivid portraits of its major players and their still-misunderstood movement. A bold challenge to conventional thinking, Assassins against the Old Order demolishes a century of myths surrounding anarchist violence and its practitioners.