Why America Is Not a New Rome
Title Why America Is Not a New Rome PDF eBook
Author Vaclav Smil
Publisher MIT Press
Pages 239
Release 2010-01-29
Genre History
ISBN 026228829X

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An investigation of the America-Rome analogy that goes deeper than the facile comparisons made on talk shows and in glossy magazine articles. America's post–Cold War strategic dominance and its pre-recession affluence inspired pundits to make celebratory comparisons to ancient Rome at its most powerful. Now, with America no longer perceived as invulnerable, engaged in protracted fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and suffering the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, comparisons are to the bloated, decadent, ineffectual later Empire. In Why America Is Not a New Rome, Vaclav Smil looks at these comparisons in detail, going deeper than the facile analogy-making of talk shows and glossy magazine articles. He finds profound differences. Smil, a scientist and a lifelong student of Roman history, focuses on several fundamental concerns: the very meaning of empire; the actual extent and nature of Roman and American power; the role of knowledge and innovation; and demographic and economic basics—population dynamics, illness, death, wealth, and misery. America is not a latter-day Rome, Smil finds, and we need to understand this in order to look ahead without the burden of counterproductive analogies. Superficial similarities do not imply long-term political, demographic, or economic outcomes identical to Rome's.

Are We Rome?
Title Are We Rome? PDF eBook
Author Cullen Murphy
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages 284
Release 2007
Genre Imperialism
ISBN 9780618742226

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A compelling look at the unexpected ways America resembles ancient Rome and what we must do to avoid a catastrophic fall.

The New Rome
Title The New Rome PDF eBook
Author Theodore Poesche
Pages 206
Release 1853
Genre United States

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The New Rome?
Title The New Rome? PDF eBook
Author Cullen Murphy
Publisher Scribe Publications
Pages 273
Release 2008
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1921215801

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The rise and fall of ancient Rome has been on American minds from the beginning of their republic. Today Americans focus less on the Roman Republic than on the empire that took its place. Depending on who's doing the talking, the history of Rome serves as either a triumphal call to action or dire warning of imminent collapse. The esteemed editor and author, Cullen Murphy, ventures past the pundits' rhetoric to draw nuanced lessons about how America might avoid Rome's demise. Working on a canvas that extends far beyond the issue of an overstretched military, Murphy reveals a wide array of similarities between the two empires: the blinkered, insular culture of America's capitals; the debilitating effect of venality in public life; the paradoxical issue of borders; and the weakening of the body politic through various forms of privatisation. He persuasively argues that America most resembles Rome in the burgeoning corruption of its government and in its arrogant ignorance of the world outside - two things that are in America's power to change.

Homer's Turk
Title Homer's Turk PDF eBook
Author Jerry Toner
Publisher Harvard University Press
Pages 239
Release 2013-03-05
Genre History
ISBN 0674076338

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A seventeenth-century English traveler to the Eastern Mediterranean would have faced a problem in writing about this unfamiliar place: how to describe its inhabitants in a way his countrymen would understand? In an age when a European education meant mastering the Classical literature of Greece and Rome, he would naturally turn to touchstones like the Iliad to explain the exotic customs of Ottoman lands. His Turk would have been Homer’s Turk. An account of epic sweep, spanning the Crusades, the Indian Raj, and the postwar decline of the British Empire, Homer’s Turk illuminates how English writers of all eras have relied on the Classics to help them understand the world once called “the Orient.” Ancient Greek and Roman authors, Jerry Toner shows, served as a conceptual frame of reference over long periods in which trade, religious missions, and imperial interests shaped English encounters with the East. Rivaling the Bible as a widespread, flexible vehicle of Western thought, the Classics provided a ready model for portrayal and understanding of the Oriental Other. Such image-making, Toner argues, persists today in some of the ways the West frames its relationship with the Islamic world and the rising powers of India and China. Discussing examples that range from Jacobean travelogues to Hollywood blockbusters, Homer’s Turk proves that there is no permanent version of either the ancient past or the East in English writing—the two have been continually reinvented alongside each other.

Rome and America
Title Rome and America PDF eBook
Author Dean Hammer
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 265
Release 2023-01-05
Genre History
ISBN 1009249592

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Rome and America provides a timely exploration of the Roman and American founding myths in the cultural imagination. Defying the usual ideological categories, Dean Hammer argues for the exceptional nature of the myths as a journey of Strangers, but also traces the tensions created by the myths in attempts to answer the question of who We are. The wide-ranging chapters reassess both Roman antecedents and American expressions of the myth in some unexpected places: early American travelogues, westerns, bare-knuckle boxing, early American theater, government documents detailing Native American policy, and the writings of Noah Webster, W. E. B. Du Bois, Booker T. Washington, and Charles Eastman. This innovative volume culminates in an interpretation of the current crisis of democracy as a reversion of the community back to Strangers, with suggestions of how the myth can recast a much-needed discussion of identity and belonging.

On the Fall of the Roman Republic
Title On the Fall of the Roman Republic PDF eBook
Author Tom Strunk
Publisher Anthem Press
Pages 152
Release 2022-01-11
Genre History
ISBN 1839980559

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On the Republic juxtaposes the fall of the Roman Republic with the contemporary political landscape of the United States: a republic in disarray, violence and corruption thwarting the will of the people, military misadventures abroad, and rampant economic inequality diminishing a shared sense of the common good.