Winston of Churchill
Title Winston of Churchill PDF eBook
Author Jean Davies Okimoto
Pages 34
Release 2013-01-01
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 9780989429108

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Churchill, Manitoba is the polar bear capitol of the world. Every winter, tourists flock to the tiny town to watch the bears hunt and frolic on the frozen waters of the Hudson Bay. This year, though, the tourists are in for a big surprise...Winston! A smart, fierce, brave bear, Winston of Churchill has noticed that their icy home is slowly melting away. He explains to the other bears why the ice is melting then, using the stirring words of his famous namesake, rallies the bears to convince humans to save their Arctic home. However, on the way to the protest march, Winston learns an unexpected lesson and realizes that he, too, must change his ways. This timely, funny story draws attention to the polar bears' plight and helps children understand that in the face of global warming, everyone must do their part, no matter how small.

Literature, Writing, and the Natural World
Title Literature, Writing, and the Natural World PDF eBook
Author James Guignard
Publisher Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Pages 230
Release 2020-06-12
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 1527554872

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The English Association of Pennsylvania State Universities held its annual meeting in 2006 at Mansfield University in Pennsylvania. The conference theme was “Literature, Writing, and the Natural World.” This collection grows out of the conference and indicates the desire to understand all aspects of our relationship with the natural world, the function of literature in clarifying that relationship (in ways science and politics cannot), and the role of the literature teacher-scholar wanting to respond to pressures of environmental change. In these times, interpretation is a vital task, not only for the way it educates us about our attitudes toward nature, but because it develops the crucial skills of looking closely, engaging, reflecting, and responding. One could argue that, as a culture, Americans are behind the curve in understanding the ways we depend upon a healthy relationship with nature, and one way (among many) depends upon examining it through texts and textual representation. When the writers here dig into The Main Woods, Jayber Crow, the poetry of Pablo Guevara, or the movie Crash, they are contributing to our understanding of the ways in which we view nature and how that view plays a role in the way we relate to nature. These days, many disciplines engage global warming and other environmental issues routinely, and the literature classroom should be no different. Just as we read a book and address fundamental themes such as “What does it mean to love?” or “How do we develop identity?” we should also be asking “What is my responsibility when I decide what resources to use?” If we understand literature as equipment for living in a warming world, we may be able to help students make some sense out of their world and some decisions about how to act.

The Consequences of Global Disasters
Title The Consequences of Global Disasters PDF eBook
Author Anthony Elliott
Publisher Routledge
Pages 271
Release 2016-04-14
Genre Social Science
ISBN 1317505883

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Disasters of the 21st century differ substantially from other kinds of hazards that previous societies have had to cope with because of the twin forces of globalization and the communications revolution. But what makes today’s disasters—industrial, technological, environmental, and socio-cultural—so different in scope and impact? What are the possible disasters of the future? And how can we, as collective humanity, best manage and respond to the globalization of disasters? The Consequences of Global Disasters makes a distinctive contribution to the ever-expanding field of disaster research by developing a multi-contextual, multi-disciplinary and multi-methodological approach to the social analysis of disasters. Anthony Elliott and Eric L. Hsu have brought together a highly distinguished group of international contributors to focus on how people react to the unsettling effects of disasters, which come in a multitude of forms. Numerous contributors concentrate on the cultural, political and psychological ramifications of the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami, but disasters in other contexts, such as Australia, China and Haiti, are considered as well. By offering unique empirical, methodological and theoretical insights, The Consequences of Global Disasters sets an agenda for future developments in the field of disaster research and will be a key resource for students and scholars working in social science disciplines such as sociology, cultural studies, international relations, psycho-social studies, social work, Japanese studies and social theory.

Nonfiction Mentor Texts
Title Nonfiction Mentor Texts PDF eBook
Author Lynne R. Dorfman
Publisher Stenhouse Publishers
Pages 306
Release 2009
Genre Children's literature
ISBN 1571104968

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Guides teachers through a variety of projects, samples, and classroom anecdotes that demonstrate how teachers can help students become more effective writers of good nonfiction.

Matching Books and Readers
Title Matching Books and Readers PDF eBook
Author Nancy L. Hadaway
Publisher Guilford Press
Pages 273
Release 2010-08-09
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 1606238833

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Providing practical guidance and resources, this book helps teachers harness the power of children's literature for developing ELLs' literacy skills and language proficiency. The authors show how carefully selected fiction, nonfiction, and poetry can support students' learning across the curriculum. Criteria and guiding questions are presented for matching books and readers based on text features, literacy and language proficiency, and student background knowledge and interests. Interspersed throughout are essays and poems by well-known children's authors that connect in a personal way with the themes explored in the chapters. The annotated bibliography features over 600 engaging, culturally relevant trade titles.

Encyclopedia of Global Warming
Title Encyclopedia of Global Warming PDF eBook
Author Steven I. Dutch
Pages 464
Release 2010
Genre Climatic changes

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Provides comprehensive coverage of the questions of global warming and climate change, including scientific descriptions and explanations of all factors, from carbon dioxide to sunspots, that might contribute to climate change.

Quill & Quire
Title Quill & Quire PDF eBook
Pages 308
Release 2008
Genre Book industries and trade

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