Worth Fighting For
Title Worth Fighting For PDF eBook
Author Lisa Niemi Swayze
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 319
Release 2012-01-03
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1439196389

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From Patrick Swayze’s widow—the moving, New York Times bestselling account of grief, loss, caregiving, and moving on, with touching stories from their final months together. When Lisa Niemi first exchanged vows with Patrick Swayze, she promised to be with her husband “till death do us part.” But how many couples stop and think about what that truly means? Worth Fighting For is both a candid tribute to a marriage and a celebration of the healing power that each day holds, even in the most difficult of circumstances. Lisa shares the details of Patrick’s twenty-one-month battle with Stage IV pancreatic cancer, and she describes his last days, when she simply tried to keep him comfortable. She writes with heartbreaking honesty about her grief in the aftermath of his death and openly discusses the challenges that the years without him have posed. Her story is an emotionally honest and unflinching depiction of loss, but it is also a hopeful and life-affirming exploration of the power of the human spirit. “I tell you, I am a different person now,” she writes, “one who has been thrown into the fire and forged.”

Worth Fighting For
Title Worth Fighting For PDF eBook
Author Lisa Niemi
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 323
Release 2012-10-02
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1439196362

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Lisa Niemi shares her experiences during her husband Patrick Swayze's battle with pancreatic cancer.

Worth Fighting for
Title Worth Fighting for PDF eBook
Author Lisa Anne Niemi Swayze
Publisher Audiogo
Pages 367
Release 2012
Genre Large print books
ISBN 9781445825922

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From the widow of Patrick Swayze, a remarkably moving account of grief and moving on, with never-before-revealed stories from Patrick's final months.

Women Amplified
Title Women Amplified PDF eBook
Author Lisa Bennett
Publisher Greenleaf Book Group
Pages 151
Release 2019-10-29
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1626346925

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Contained within this book are words of wisdom carefully handpicked from 20 years’ worth of speeches delivered at the annual Texas Conference for Women in Austin. Each chapter includes quotes from remarkable women, such as Amal Clooney, Brené Brown, Viola Davis, Melinda Gates, and Anita Hill. From executives to Olympic athletes, each speaker explores the obstacles and experiences facing professional women in the modern world, including imposter syndrome, work-life balance, and influencing others for good. This is a collection of inspiration and insights for professional women, straight from some of the world’s most successful creatives, CEOs, and other trailblazing leaders. Thoughtfully curated by Lisa Bennett, Communications Director for the Conferences for Women, Women Amplified offers compelling insights designed to capture the electric, infectious enthusiasm of a world-class leadership conference. The Texas Conference for Women is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization with a mission to promote, communicate, and amplify the influence of women in the workplace and beyond. It was founded in 2000 and has attracted more than 100,000 women and men to its annual conferences during its first two decades. This event is part of what has become the largest network of women’s conferences in the United States, which includes the Massachusetts Conference for Women, the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, and the Watermark Conference for Women Silicon Valley. The four conferences attract more than 45,000 people a year. Lisa Bennett is the Communications Director for the Conferences for Women. A former Harvard University fellow, she is co-author with emotional and social intelligence expert Daniel Goleman of Ecoliterate. She has also contributed to other books, including The Compassionate Instinct, Smart by Nature, and A Place at the Table.

Kaapse bibliotekaris
Title Kaapse bibliotekaris PDF eBook
Pages 356
Release 2014
Genre Libraries

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Issues for Nov. 1957- include section: Accessions. Aanwinste, Sept. 1957-

Place, Race, and Story
Title Place, Race, and Story PDF eBook
Author Ned Kaufman
Publisher Routledge
Pages 434
Release 2009-09-11
Genre Architecture
ISBN 1135889724

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In Place, Race, and Story, author Ned Kaufman has collected his own essays dedicated to the proposition of giving the next generation of preservationists not only a foundational knowledge of the field of study, but more ideas on where they can take it. Through both big-picture essays considering preservation across time, and descriptions of work on specific sites, the essays in this collection trace the themes of place, race, and story in ways that raise questions, stimulate discussion, and offer a different perspective on these common ideas. Including unpublished essays as well as established works by the author, Place, Race, and Story provides a new outline for a progressive preservation movement – the revitalized movement for social progress.

New Books on Women and Feminism
Title New Books on Women and Feminism PDF eBook
Pages 128
Release 2014
Genre Feminism

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